Where to mount the phone in ford fiesta

The Ford Fiesta car has an arguably small windscreen and therefore, placing anything on the top of the dashboard or on the windscreen itself will obscure the visibility of the road ahead. Therefore, these are not safe positions to mount your smartphone holder.

Below are two plausible positions you could mount your car phone holder on a ford fiesta. You can read further down to learn how to install the phone mount on these locations.

Ford Fiesta
  • You can mount the phone holder on the vents
  • You can mount the phone holder on the ford fiesta cup holder.
How to mount the phone holder on Ford Fiesta Vents.
vent phone mount
Phone mount anchored on a ventillation cup

Choose the vent cup you want to mount your smartphone holder on. We are hoping that you have already purchased the best car vent phone holder.

Then softly push in the phone mount connector to the vent cup blinds until you hear a clicking sound. If you hear the sound, it implies that the phone holder has clipped onto the vent.

You can then go ahead and mount your phone onto the holder.

How to mount the phone holder on your Ford Fiesta cup holder phone holder.

If you have already purchased the Cup holder phone holder, then you can go ahead and affix it into your Fiesta’s cup holder.

Installing is uncomplicated, the cup holder phone holder comes with four strong contact points that perch onto the interior of your car cup holder. They give the phone mount base a steady stay in your car’s cup holder.

To lock this kind of phone mount into your car’s cup holder, you simply do a simple twist on the holder’s base which then automatically activates the lock.

Once the lock is active, you are guaranteed a steady phone mount for the journey.

You can check our cup holder phone mounts below.

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