Phone Mounts For Jeeps

There are a number of probable positions you could anchor phone mount in your jeep.

These include mounting it on a ventilation cup, dashboard surface, in your cup holder, or on your jeep’s windscreen.

In this post, we are going to list the best phone mounts for Jeeps that are ideal to really serve the purpose of holding your smartphone on the go.

Whether you own a Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Compass, Jeep Gladiator, or a Jeep Renegade, the phone mounts for Jeeps below will satisfy your phone holding needs.

phone mounts for jeep

6 Best phone mounts for Jeeps

Meekiee Wireless Car Charger Mount with Infrared Smart Sensor 

This is a cool find for jeep wrangler drivers. It is an appealing phone mount seating on your dashboard.

It easily clamps onto your dashboard vents using the strong cramp behind this phone mount for the jeep. So, installing and dismounting is super easy. It is just a simple push and pull.

Apart from this, the mount has an auto clamping feature. You do not need to waste time fumbling with buttons. This particular mount auto-detect your phone when it comes close to the mount and opens up ready for your phone. You can click this link to see a video of this feature.

Do not worry about your charge depleting on long journeys. This phone mount for jeep has got wireless charging feature[10W/7.5W/5W charging power] and cable management structure at its feet.

The ABS material used to produce this gadget is rock solid to guarantee a secure phone mounting as well as durability.

Horizontal and vertical movement is very much possible.

Interested in this mount? Click this link.

Miracase Car Phone Mount, Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car, Universal Car Phone Holder Cradle Compatible with iPhone 13 series

This is another great phone mount for jeeps. It goes into your jeep’s vent too.

The shape of the base is optimized not to block air from the vents contrary to what basic mounts do.

A ball joint behind the phone mount base is added to give the user a variety of angles for using the phone.

This mount does not auto clamp though. It uses gravitational pull to lock in your phone.

It is an exquisite pick for a phone mount that will mesh well with your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator.It does support all iPhone series and all Android series.


Click this link to see its price on Amazon.

Phone Mount for Car, 13 Inch Flexible Gooseneck Long Arm Car Mount [Strong Suction Cup Anti-Shake Stabilizer]

This phone mount is an ideal pick for jeep wrangler users. The nature of the Jeep wrangler particularly requires a mount that has to fix points which this mount has. These fix points solidify the mount onto the dashboard of the jeep.

Since most of the jeeps would be used off-road, the arm is made to withstand any rumbling from the vehicle. Your phone will always be secure.

The phone mount resting surface is smooth to protect your phone from scratches.

You can check its price by clicking here.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone

This phone holder has a retractable arm and a tightening knob to make sure that the user has a comfortable position for using the mount.

The foot of this mount can move around, while the arm can pivot up and down.

It supports multiple phone sizes and all iPhone series.

iOttie promises a great phone grip for your phone even on the roughest terrain.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking this link.

CORROY Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, Universal Adjustable Cell Phone Cradle for Automobile Cup Holder

Cupholder phone holders are among the best phone mounts for jeeps. This is because they seat stably in the cupholder.

This particular holder has got pads that retract to push tightly onto your cupholder’s surface to maintain a stable stay.

The arm pivots at this mount foot and a ball joint make the holder swivel to different angles. All these movements provide the user with an opportunity to locate a perfect angle for using the mount.

Silicone cushioning protects your phone from possible scratches as well. Click here to view the mount on Amazon.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder for Car

This mount functions similarly to the holder we have just seen above. The only difference is the gooseneck. The neck makes motions even easier compared to the holder above this.

You can click this link to view this mount more specifically on Amazon.

What are some of the concerns when purchasing a phone mount for jeep


Most Jeep owners want to ride their motors off-road. The rumbling on rough terrain will make your phone mount wobble or bouncy and may render it releasing your phone.

It is advisable to gauge the strength of the phone mount for the jeep you are about to own.

For example, those mounts that go on top of your dashboard surface need to have a strong adhesive to ensure that it sticks.

The ventilation cup phone mount should also clip into your vents blinds firmly to withstand any rumbling.

Cupholder phone holders are the strongest and solid enough. The sturdiness of the cupholder phone holder is incomparable to any other phone mount out there. You can read this post to learn more about phone holders that seat in your Jeep’s cup holder.


ABS material makes solid products that will last long. Phone mounts are no exception. Choose the phone mount that has an ABS material construction. This kind of material is durable and will serve your jeep for some time before you think of returning to the shops for a new phone holder.


You would want a holding device that caters to your holding demands. You would want something that can swivel, swing and rotate so that you can get a good position for phone usability.

Most phone mounts have a ball joint that allows you to move your phone into different positions so that you can get a good angle for viewing your phone.

Some have gooseneck that gives you the ability to swing your phone in whatever direction that you deem fit till you get the right position for using your phone.

Flexibility is the key thing when it comes to picking the right phone mount for your Jeep. A flexible phone mount would help you safely use your phone while driving your Jeep at any speed.

Strong Grip

A phone mount with a strong grip guarantees the safety of your phone when off-roading.

Choose a phone mount with strong locks and sturdy cramps.This ensures that the phone mount consistently clings onto your phone to keep it in place all the time.

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