Do vent phone mounts work?

vent phone mounts

Most people have this worry on whether ventilation phone mounts really do their job.

Most of our customers always ask, “Do vent phone mounts work ?”.

The answer is yes, vent phone mounts do work. The installation procedure of the vent phone mounts determines whether your phone holder will remain steady for long.

What you need to do is to ascertain that the phone mount clips in properly into your ventilation cup. Also, ensure that the ventilation cup you choose has strong and steady ventilation blinds. This way, you are assured of a rock-solid grasp of your phone with no chances of bouncy movements when you drive through rough or bumpy roads.

You can check other phone mounts by selecting a category below.

Best Vent phone mount alternative.

If you are that person in the balance on whether to go for vent phone mounts or not, we have a better alternative for you that will hold out against any degree of trembling from your vehicle as you drive.

Why not try a cup holder phone holder.

For this category of holders, they go straight into your car’s cup holder. We know that cup holders are located just below your dashboard and therefore, mounting your phone in this location removes obstruction on the dashboard leaving you with a wide view of the road ahead.

Cup holder phone mounts strongly fit into your cupholder and gives you a sturdy mounting point. Most of them give you a 360 Degrees rotation of your smartphone and therefore hands you multiple viewing options of your smartphone.

The cup holder phone holder also assured you of a firm and secure grip on your phone for the whole journey.

So if you are up in the air on whether to purchase vent phone mounts or not, you can consider our cupholder phone holders below.

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