Can you use a bicycle phone mount on the motorcycle

Most phone mounts for bicycles can adapt to the motorcycle handlebar.

Motorcycle handlebars are slightly wider in diameter compared to the ones on bicycles.

Bicycle HandleBar
Bicycle Handlebar

However, manufacturers understand that the need for phone mounting cut across cyclists and motorcycle riders and that most of them own both forms of travel. They know too well that there is no need for having separate phone mounts for each mode of transport.

Motorcycle Handlebar
Motorcycle Handlebar

Phone mounts anchors nowadays are designed to fit a varying length of handlebars diameters. The mount’s handlebar anchor has a lever that makes it easy for it to adapt to most handlebars, be it a bicycle or a motorcycle.

You can click “read more ” on the mount below to see its specifications.

Where to mount your phone holder on your motor cycle.

We recommend you dock your phone mount at the following locations.

  • On your motorcycle’s HandleBar
  • On your motorcycle’s side mirror-Make sure not to obstruct the view of your mirrors.

How to secure your phone on the motor cycle.

Most Motorcycle phone mounts come with solid locking mechanisms. Such include, quad locking, zipping, lock button/knob, and so on. Ensure that you push the right button to secure your phone in place. Read the manual that comes with the phone mount for directions on how to use it on your motorcycle.

Do you need waterproof Motorcycle phone mounts?

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