6 Best waterproof motorcycle phone mount

Wondering what type of motorcycle phone holder is good for all weather?

Well, we have prepared a list of the Best waterproof motorcycle phone mounts to help you in the process the perfect fit for your rides.

Best waterproof motorcycle phone mount

Here are the top 6 waterproof motorcycle phone mounts we have in our store.

6 Best waterproof motorcycle phone mount for all weather.

This one will amaze you.

It comes with a thin transparent cover that allows you to interact with your phone on the go.

The bottom part of this is made of leather meaning that this phone holder is completely waterproof.

Another feature standing out on this motorcycle holder is its ability to charge the phone even when it is raining. The connection between the wire and the holder is seamless, meaning, no water can sip in.

The arm is rotatable too, you can position your smartphone at whatever angle you see fit.


This one is a plastic case mount that you can open up and slot in your phone.

Once closed, the phone is completely free of any water as the cover tightly holds all through the journey.

No matter the terrain, the cover will not come off. It is made from durable material too.

The handling arm is highly adjustable, you can turn or even bend till you get the best viewing angle.

The transparent top is clear enough to let you view your phone contents not to mention that it is designed to let you smoothly interact with your device even when it is raining.

Installation of this waterproof motorcycle phone mount is straightforward. Connecting and using it takes just a few minutes.


Talk of ease in rotation and this phone mount as well. This Best waterproof motorcycle phone mount affords you a 360 degrees rotation. You are not restricted on the positions you can place your phone in.

We like the aspect of the strong transparent window that is easy for you to interact with. It also keeps away items that may scratch your valuable phone.

The width of this waterproof motorcycle phone mount is enough to accommodate a wide spectrum of phone sizes. There are two pieces of removable foam that you remove any time you want to use a smaller phone.

The installation of this phone mount takes no time, it is easy and quick. The mount once properly installed holds on to your bike handles. It will not come off even on rough terrain.

The material that makes this holder is strong enough to protect and hold your phone for a very long time.


The width of this phone mount for bikes is what makes it stand out. It allows you to carry your widescreen phones on your long rides.

The case is made of plastic which will withstand shocks and it is impermeable as well.

The transparent windle allows you to interact with your phone smoothly.

It fits most bikes including motorcycles, cruisers, sportbikes, street bikes

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For those who are into bags for carrying your phone, then this one is for you.

It comes with a protected power cord for inserting your charger. It is specifically placed at the bottom of the case so that water will never permeate and reach your smartphone.

This waterproof motorcycle phone mount comes with a double waterproof for preventing water and dust from getting to your phone.

The ball adapter helps you to easily to change the angle. This waterproof phone mount ball adapter sticks when you are satisfied with your positioning. It doesn’t get loose even when you are on a rough road.

The mounting bar can adapt to a variety of motorbike handlebars. It can fit on handlebars within the diameter of the range 18-25mm.


The arm on this phone holder is easily swang to different positions.

The front of this holder has a protective shield at the front to protect it from dust.

It has a nice transparent window, clear enough to allow ease of interaction with your phone when on the raod.