best ps4 phone mount

best ps4 phone mount
PS4 Controler

Sometimes it is fun to play our favorite PS4 games on your iPhone or Android phone especially when you are not close to a large screen i.e when traveling on the subway or just relaxing on a park seat.

A ps4 phone mount comes in handy as it offers solid support for your phone and controller. It marries them in to give you a flawless interaction with your smartphone.

There are not so many ideal solutions for supporting your controllers and your phone simultaneously. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to research and come up with a list of the best ps4 phone mounts to help you in the journey of finding a classic ps4 phone mount.

Here is the best ps4 phone mount in our store.

OIVO PS4 Controller Phone Mount Clip for Remote Play, Mobile Gaming Clamp Bracket Phone Holder with Adjustable Stand

If your phone is between 3.5 way down to 2.6 inches, this PS4 smartphone mount is a perfect pick for you. The black clamp on this phone mount can adapt to any phone within this size spectrum.

The knobs on both sides are used to lock in the clamp once you decide on an angle to play in. They are made of reinforced ABS material to make sure that the hold stays. It is actually the sturdiest ps4 phone mount in our store.

This one is ahead of its game when it comes to your PS4 usability. The ps4 phone mount clock around the knob to ensure that you can locate the perfect angle for you. It allows rotation of the phone clump a total of 270 degrees. With this kind of flexibility, your gaming experience will be out of this world with this phone mount.

The part that wraps around your controller is made of transparent plastic. This is made so to ensure visibility of all controls from all angles. This ps4 mount controller wrapper will not obstruct the paddles nor interfere with your analog keys. It also leaves your charging port unblocked for you to easily insert your charger.

The touchpad is not blocked. The wrapping section of this ps4 mount passes on the sidelines of your controller touchpad. Scrolling with this phone mount has never been easier.


  • Type: Phone Clip Holder for PS4 Controller
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 4
  • Fits Phones Size: Width 3.4 inch/88mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Comes with one data cable

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