best phone mount for Vespa

Are you Looking for the phone mount for your Vespa scooter that works?

Then you are in the right place.

We have prepared the best phone mount for Vespa for you to make a quick choice.

best phone mount for Vespa

5 Best phone mounts for Vespa scooter

Here is our in-depth review of these phone mounts for Vespa below.

12V Motorcycle QC3.0 USB Qi Wireless Charger Mount Holder Stand for Cellphone 32CB

This is the best phone mount for Vespa on this list according to our customers.

The best thing about this phone mount is that it can charge your phone wirelessly too. So no need to worry about your phone running out of power if you are using it for GPS purposes.

It has multiple holding points which guarantees a firm grip on your phone.

Once properly installed,it will not wobble or release your smartphone even on the roughest roads.

It has two ways in which you can connect to your scooter. It comes with two connectors. One can be used to mount the phone holder on the handlebar while the second one can be used to attach the Vespa phone mount on your side mirror. It all depends on what position you feel comfortable mounting your phone holder.

The ball joint also allows you to have multiple viewing options as it can swing a full 360 degrees.

This phone mount for motorcycle has capability to hold multiphone phone sizes including iPads.

You can click this link to see more specifications.

Baseus Bike Phone Holder Universal Motorcycle Bicycle Phone Holder Handlebar Stand

This phone mount is another one that tops our list of the best phone holders for Vespa scooters.

It has a quad locking mechanism to guarantee the safety and security of your phone as you move with your scooter around the streets. It has an X locking structure that entails highly tensile springs that tightly hold on to your mobile phone. The four contact points make sure that the phone does not swing from left to right. It simply sits snugly on your Vespa Handlebars. The springs can also expand to allow you to fit larger phones.

This phone mount however is not applicable to Vespa scooters with an internal handlebar design.

You can click this link to see more specifications.

Bicycle Motorcycle Mobile Phone Holder With USB Charger For Motor Bike Stand Waterproof Case Bag Cover Handlebar Mount Holder

This one is cool as it will protect your phone from rainwater guaranteeing the safety of your phone through bad weather.

It can allow you to charge your phone as well. It has an opening at the bottom to allow you to pass the charging cable through. Being at the bottom, the opening will not let rainwater sip in.

You can click this link to see more specifications.

Bicycle Phone Holder CNC Motorcycle Handlebar Mobilephone Support Aluminum Alloy 360 Rotation MTB Road Bike Mount Accessories

We vouch for this phone mount as it is metallic and aluminum to be specific. Since the mount is always exposed to the outdoor harsh environment, we know that the mount being metallic will with stan these conditions and last you a long time.

It comes with a tightening knob. This means that you have the freedom to hold your smartphone as tightly as you desire. It also means that this specific phone mount for scooters can expand to fit larger phones.

Once properly installed, the phone mount guarantees stability and a firm grip on your phone.

You enjoy your rides with this phone mount.

You can click this link to see more specifications

Metal Bicycle Phone Holder Bike Motorcycle Handlebar Clip Stand For iPhone

This one is metallic too and works similarly to the phone mount we just reviewed above.

It can accommodate the varying sizes of phones.

Click “read more” on the item above to view the price.

Outdoor Sport Motorcycle Cycling Waterproof Phone Case GPS Holder Stand 22-28mm Mount Bracket for Honda Ducati Aprilia Triumph

This one is an all-weather phone mount perfect for use on your Vespa.

It has a transparent interactive window to allow you to use your phone any time.

Its made of ABS material that won’t let rainwater permeate

You can click this link for more information on this holder.

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