Best phone mount for truck

Trucks for long-distance require a sturdy phone mount. That said, we have prepared a list of the best phone mount for trucks.

Here is the list of the best phone mount for truck

Here is the description of each of the phones for mount above.

Adjustable Long Tube Angle Car Cup Holder Cellphone Mount 

Truck long-distance drivers you will love this phone mount as it has a long arm that can swing multiple directions. It is a perfect fit for a truck large front area.

It has an adjustable ball joint that will allow you to rotate your phone 360 Degrees.

The arm can also shift up and down as well, this allows the truck driver a position the phone at the most comfortable viewing position.

High Quality Car Phone Holder 360 Degrees Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder Adjustable Phone Mounting Suction Cup Holder

This one is a windscreen phone mount that you can attach to your truck windscreen.

It is easy to attach to your screen as it has a strong sticky base.

The long arm offers you multiple viewing angles as it can retract and move vertically as well.

The part that grabs your phone can also do a full 360 Degrees rotation. This means that horizontal and vertical orientations are possible with this mount for trucks.

For IPhone Samsung Car Gravity Wireless Charger Mount Quick Charge Suction Cup Bracket Car Phone Holder Car Interior Accessories

This one comes with a wireless charging capability built into it.

It uses gravitational pull to lock in your phone. Removing your phone is super fast and involves a simple push of a button behind the mount.

The arm can swing up and down as well.

This one sticks on to your dashboard. It has an adhesive substance at the base that is used to affix the mount onto the dashboard of the truck.

Car Phone Holder Adjustable 360 rotating Car Mobile Stand Universal Phone Holder Windshield Dashboard Hold For Mobile Phone

Some trucks do not have a large dashboard, therefore, a simple phone mount is just enough.

This magnetic phone mount fits the bill.

It has a strong magnet to firmly hold onto your phone for the whole journey.

It is easy to attach to the dashboard as well.

Magnetic Suction Cup Car Phone Holder For IPhone Android Phone Holder Windshield Dashboard Adjustable Slide Car Mount Holder New

This is a simple phone mount as well. We like it as it is simple to install and use.

The magnet can slide up and down while the arm can move vertically too.

This gives you a variety of viewing angles.

The magnets on these are super strong to hold your phone the whole time.

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