What is the best phone mount for Prius?

Toyota Prius has one of the exquisite dashboards in the Toyota personal car vehicle spectrum. You will need a cool-looking phone mount that will blend with the posh-looking dashboard hence it is a good idea to look for the best phone mount for Prius.

best phone mount for Prius

We have prepared a list of the top phone mounts you can pick from for your Prius car.

Here are some Best Phone Mounts for Prius Car

Below is our list of the best phone mount for Prius motor vehicles above.

1.Wireless Charger, Auto-Clamping Air Vent Phone Holder 10W Qi Fast Car Charging Mount For iPhone

Want a hustle-free usage of your phone while in your Toyota Prius?

Then this is a perfect phone mount to meet your every need.

This phone mount not only holds your phone but also charges it on the go. Most buyers say that it does an amazing job of firmly holding onto their iPhones as well as filling them up with charge at the same time.

Even further, it comes with an auto clamping feature. This eliminates the aspect of always fumbling with controls that is common with other phone mounts. A Prius owner would like something automatic which is what this phone holder is good at.

Once your phone comes close to this phone mount, it automatically opens up. The inbuilt sensors on this device work to recognize phone presence and therefore does the magic of opening up.

Once you slot your device onto this Prius phone mount, the bottom contacts ignite self-activated closure, securing your phone in place. The grip is strong enough to ensure that your phone doesn’t fall even on the roughest terrain.

Removing the phone from the holder is easy and quick, it is just a simple tap with your finger and this Prius phone mount disengages.

Installation of this phone holder onto your dashboard is a straightforward affair.

No tools are needed to affix this gadget. It comes with prongs meant to slot into your vehicle’s vents. Once properly installed, this holder holds onto your ventilation firmly. It will never wobble or come off unless you decide to manually remove it from your dashboard.

Want to know more about this wirelessly charging car phone mount?

You can go ahead and purchase it here.

2.15W Smart Fast Charging Mobile Phone Holder for Car

Our customers love this phone mount majorly because of how it quickly charges their phone. If you are a heavy user of your phone and you frequently find yourself out of battery power, then we got you covered. This one comes with a QiCharging feature compatible with all phones that support Qi-Charging.

It is robust too and can adapt to many phone sizes including those with thick phone cases.

Installation: This one goes straight into your Prius vents. The prongs clip in and automatically hold this phone mount into place.

Usage: Once you slot in your phone, the phone mount bottom phone contacts are pushed by your phone and in the event activates gravity locking. The side contacts also hold onto your phone.

The phone contacts on this phone mount are metallic. This is deliberately made so to guarantee a firm grasp of your phone so as to withstand any shaking or vibrations. Metallic holders are also durable and therefore, this gadget will serve you for the longest time.

Your phone rest on an ABS base, this is made so as to ensure that your phone does not suffer scratches.

Qi-charging automatically senses your phone’s presence on the holder and charging automatically kicks in.

Our customers have said that this is one of the best phone mount for Prius so far.

  • Color: Black
  • Product material: ABS+fireproof PC
  • Input: 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
  • Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W (MAX)
  • Product size: 99.84*105.76*57.82mm
  • Charging distance: ≤8MM
  • Applicable mobile phone size: 4.5 inches ~ 6.8 inch

Click this link to learn more or you can go ahead and purchase it here.

3.Mpow CA032 Universal Car Phone Holder For iPhone X Phone Holder Windshield Mount

Toyota Prius has a wide dashboard where you can affix this gadget.

It uses a suction mechanism to attach to your Prius dash surface.

Once installed, the gadget is safe and secure. The suction pad adheres tightly and the phone mount is ready for use.

The telescopic arm retracts and can extend from 11.8cm (4.6in) to 16.8cm (6.6in). The other beautiful factor about this phone mount is that the arm can move up and down. These aspects coupled with 360 degrees rotation capability make this one of the best phone mounts for Prius cars. This kind of design allows you to position your smartphone at the perfect viewing angle and therefore you can have stress-free cruising in your Toyota Prius.

The soft cushions on the contacts prevent any scratch possibilities and protect your phone from any kind of vibrations.

It has a gravitational locking mechanism. Any time you slot your phone onto the mount, the bottom contacts automatically activate the locking system. The side contacts then tightly hold on to your phone.

This phone mount can adapt to a variety of phone sizes, up to 6 inches actually.

  • Compatible Brand: iPhone 8/7/7 Plus/6/6S Plus/5/SE 4S, Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/Hornor 10
  • Material: ABS
  • Rotation: 360-degree rotation
  • Usage: Phone holder/GPS holder for car
  • Magnetic: No
  • Compatible: For 4-6inch smartphone

Click this link to learn more or you can go ahead and purchase it here.

4.360 Degree Rotation Car Windshield Auto Dashboard Phone Holder

This one is another suction cup phone holder you can use for your Prius.

Installation of the suction cup on the dashboard is easy and quick. The adhesive on the Cup is reusable multiple times, you just have to wash the dust off with water once in a while.

It is beautiful and will complement your Toyota dashboard.

It has a retractable arm that can go up to 20 cm in length. The arm can move 270 degrees sideways. However, the 360 degrees ball joint expands the number of angle positions you can put your smartphone in.

This phone mount for Prius utilizes gravitational pull to activate the locks. Once you slot in the phone, the side contact grabs firmly onto your phone.

It has an inbuilt shock absorption to ensure that your expensive phone is safe and secure.

You have the freedom to install it on the Dash or on your windscreen, it all depends on your countries road usage regulations.

You can click this link to learn more about its specifications and pricing.

5.#H40 New 360° Car Mount Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle for iPhone 11pro/Pro Max Samsung Huawei Xiaomi Cell Phones

For those of us who want to declutter the dashboard and keep it clean, this gooseneck cupholder phone holder is suitable for you.

It fits onto your cup holder and this keeps the phone close to your arm for easier reach and use.

Its contacts are covered with a soft cushion. This prevents it from suffering shock and vibrations.

For a variety of angle positions, the gooseneck can twist and bend to meet your demands.

Installation is super easy, the section that enters your cup holder has a lock once activated, the phone mount securely holds on to the cup holder.

This is the best phone mount for Prius if you want a clear dashboard with minimal distractions.

Click this link to check its price.

6.360° Rotation Car Mount Phone Holder Rearview Mirror Bracket Black For Cellphone Dashboard Stand Holder Car Mount Dropshipping

Last but not the list we have this phone clamp.

It attaches to your Prius windscreen using a suction cup.

Many customers love it because of its ability to adapt to many phone sizes. The clamp opens up to varying lengths to grab your phone.

It is sturdy too, meaning, it will not wobble as you move.


  • Adjustable rotation for 360 degrees.
  • Product fixed for windows and center console.
  • Clamp design, No tools required, easy to install and remove
  • Non-slip feet keep your cell phone in the holder steadily.

Lorima Cup Holder Phone Mount with A Long Flexible Neck, Cup Holder Phone Holder for iPhone

This phone mount is designed to adapt to any cupholder, be it big or small. The three adjustable pads at its foot assist in snugly fitting this cupholder phone holder.

The mount is an ideal pick for use in your Prius. It offers a stable hold to your phone.

The surface where the phone sits is soft while the grabbing arms are cushioned all to protect your phone from scratches.

The gooseneck provides swing movement for easier positioning of the phone at an appropriate angle.

A quick-release button enables you to lift your phone when you want to exit your Prius in a dash.

Second one I ordered. One for my personal car and one for my work car. Sturdy and works great.Customer Review

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Andobil Phone Mount for Car 

Since Toyota Prius has a wide dashboard surface, this particular mount is ideal. The surface is just the right one to attach to this mount.

It uses a suction mechanism to fix your surface. It has an adhesive layer to ensure that it sticks firmly.

The arm retracts and pivots vertically as well. It swings at its base too. All this gives you an opportunity to have a perfect angle for using your phone in the Prius as you drive.

It is constructed out of solid ABS plastic to guarantee durability.

Alternatively, you can choose to use the ventilation prong to attach it to your Prius vent cups.

What type of phone does this mount support?

It can handle all series of iPhones, Samsung e.t.c.This is because the holding arms can adjust to any phone width and size.

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Bestrix Magnetic Phone Car Holder Air Vent | Super Strong Magnet Car Cell Phone Mount

Are you looking for a mount that is not so intrusive on your dashboard?

This is the mount for you.

When not in use, this mount is indistinguishable. Not only that, it won’t block air coming from the ventilation.

This is the best phone mount for Prius and here are the reasons why.

  • Strong magnets[4 strong and quality magnets] to keep your phone solidly in place even on the rough road.
  • Easy to install into your Ventilation.
  • Elegant and posh design.

Check its price by clicking here.

AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount, 2021 Upgraded Gravity Phone Holder for Car 

This is another best phone mount for Prius owners. Just like the one above this, it goes into your ventilation cup as well.

But the outstanding feature is the auto clamping feature that is gravity activated. You do not need to fumble with a button anymore like in your usual phone holders.

At 3.92 x 4.49 x 1.3 inches in dimensions, this mount can accommodate virtually any phone screen size. The holding arm retracts to adjust to your phone size.

Installation is super easy, Just push the prong onto one of the ventilation blades and it clips in.

Two leaves at its base prevent the mount from hanging or wobbling as they sit on the ventilation blades on either side to the one your prong is attached to.

Click this link to see how you will install it into your Prius.

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