5 best phone mounts for mini cooper

Mini coopers have a squeezed dashboard and therefore, you would not want a phone mount that will clutter all over your limited space.

best phone mount for mini cooper
Mini Cooper

That said, we have prepared for you some of the appropriate dash phone holders you can pick to serve you better in your Mini Cooper.

The best phone mounts for mini cooper

Car Magnetic holder For iPhone

Magnetic phone mounts eliminate a lot of holding and moving parts on a phone holder. It’s pretty bare as compared to other phone mounts. Therefore, it is simple to install and convenient for the user.

This phone mount has strong magnets for holding your device snugly onto your Mini Cooper dash. It comes with a metal plate that you insert under your phone case. This is the piece of metal that is attracted to the magnet on the mount and helps keep your phone in place.

It has a strong arm that is solid enough not to wobble or break even on bumpy roads.

The ball joint assists in moving your phone a whole 360 Degrees for purposes of repositioning your smartphone at a comfortable angle.

The long arm too can swing vertically hence increasing your viewing options.

The benefit of having magnetic phone mounts is their ability to hold any phone size even note pads. This is one of the reasons we say that this is the best phone mount for mini cooper.

The way you install this Mini Cooper phone mount is by attaching it to the dashboard. Its base is covered with a sticky adhesive that fastens it to the dashboard.

Make sure that your Mini Cooper Dashboard is clean before installing it as dust may make it not hold.

Holder characteristics
  • Strong Magnet.
  • Use Adhesive to stick to the dashboard.
  • Ball joint.
  • Facilitates Vertical movement.

You can click this link to purchase this phone mount.

Cartoon Mobile Gravity Air Car Mobile Phone Stand

This is another good phone mount that will not take up space on your mini.

It has a simple locking mechanism and is, therefore, usable by one hand.

The gravitational pull on your phone makes it hit the bottom contacts of this unit. The bottom contacts subsequently activate the locking mechanism on this mini cooper phone mount.

Once locked, this holder firmly holds your phone securely. You will not experience any bouncy movements with this phone mount.

This phone holder goes straight into your mini Cooper ventilation cup. But installation is easy.No tools are needed. Once you push it in, it instantly clips in.

Holder Characteristics
  • Item type: Car Phone Holder
  • Material: silicone gel & plastic
  • Color: silver, grey

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Gravity 360 Degree Dashboard Air Vent Support Mount Clip

This is another stunning gravity-oriented phone mount.

It works similarly to the one above it.

We added it to the list of the best phone mounts for mini cooper because of its outlook and its operation.

Installing it takes less than a minute. It clips into your vent cups super fast.

The grabbing contacts are also super strong and the device is overall sturdy to maintain your phone at the desired viewing angle.

This one will blend well with a Mini cooper that has a black dashboard.

Holder characteristics
  • Mounting: clip
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Color: black, gold, silver
  • Feature: universal
  • Size(approx.): suitable for 4-6inch mobile phones

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Magnetic Suction Cup Car Phone Holder For IPhone Android Phone Holder Windshield Dashboard Adjustable Slide Car Mount 

This one is also topped in magnetic phone mounts for cars.

It allows easy vertical movement by either using the arm or the sliding magnet.

The magnets are super strong to warrant a secure grasp of your phone.

It uses the suction concept to install onto your dashboard. The base is pretty firm if properly installed. Make sure that the surface is clean before attaching this phone holder.

It is also very easy to remove this gadget without ruining your cooper’s dash.

Holder characteristics
  • Color: black / green
  • Material: ABS.
  • Packing: Color box
  • Color box size: 10.0 * 6.8 * 6.8cm
  • Clamping width: universal
  • Single gross weight: 0.135KG

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360 Degree Adjustable Car Cup Holder Universal Car Mount For Cell Phones

Last but not least, we have the cup holder phone holder. We understand that the mini cooper is a little bit squeezed, but we can always find a way to conveniently place this phone mount into the cup holder and still be usable.

The base is twistable at its neck to drive out the locking contacts. These contacts attach to your car cup holder and the phone mount remains sturdy until you decide to take it off.

The part that holds your phone sits on an adjustable ball joint that moves a full 360 degrees. This allows you to use your phone in either verticle or horizontal orientation without much hustle.

The holder is also covered with a soft mat to protect your smartphone from possible scratches.

To lock the phone mount, you have to push the side contacts till they attach to your phone. Removing your phone is just a simple push of a button at the back.

The degree of stability with this phone holder is unparalleled. We think this is ultimately the best phone mount for use in your Mini Cooper.

Holder characteristics
  • Material:ABS
  • Color:Black
  • Type:Car Mount/Holder
  • Theme:Vehicles & Transportation
  • Features:Rotatable,Adjustable,Portable

You can click this link to make a purchase.

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