Best phone mount for kayak

Kayaking is an exciting pass-time activity. You get to race as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

Best phone mount for kayak

Some of us would like to bring with us our smartphone so us not miss important on important calls or even take some pictures on the way.

But it is a tricky affair because if you make one mistake and your phone is gone with the water.

That said, it all makes sense to purchase the best phone mount for Kayak.

Here is best phone mount for Kayak.

This is our best phone mount for Kayaking as it is lightweight and easy to use on the go.

It features a long arm that can swivel around for you to get the best position for using your phone.

It is easy to install too. It comes with a bracket that connects to your Kayak phone mounting points. It has screws that you will use to firmly connect to your Kayak.

The part that holds your device comes with a tightening Knob to ensure that your phone is firm and securely in place even on the strongest waves.

The phone mount also twists 360 Degree to ensure that the user can always enjoy Portrait or landscape phone orientation.

You can click this link to view the price.

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