6 Best phone mount for Harley Davidson

Looking for the best phone mount for your Harley Davidson Motor Cycle?

Here are the top phone mounts that will easily blend with your bike and give you comfort as you interact with your phone on the go.

Top 6 phone mounts for Harley Davidson Motor bikes.

You will love the slick design of this phone mount. It will complement the good look of your Harley motorbike.

It comes with four holding points which means that your phone enjoys a firm grip. You are assured that your phone will stick even on rough roads or when you hit a speed bump.

The locking and unlocking mechanism is easy to operate. It is just a push of a lock and your phone is securely held for the journey.

The 360-degree rotation allows you to settle on the most comfortable positioning of the phone. You can always have a portrait or landscape positioning of your device at any time.

iPhone owners will find this phone mount for Harley Davidson convenient as it comes with Qi charging incorporated. You just plug your phone onto the mount and your phone starts charging immediately. This phone holder adapts to most iPhone sizes.

Installation of this item is easy. You could have it on the handlebar or on one of your side mirrors.

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Baseus bike phone holder for motorcycle

If your handlebar is between 2 cm to 2.2 cm, then this phone mount is the best handlebar phone mount for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Fixing this phone holder onto your bike requires no tool. It is a straightforward affair. It comes with a double locking mechanism where you screw the holder onto the bike’s handlebar, then you fasten it even further with the mechanical lock. After that, everything looks secure and perfect.

You got to love its phone clamping mechanism. It has what we call a quad locking factor where all four corners are firmly held into place. Additionally, TPU pads are affixed on all corners of the holders where your phone rest to further protect your phone from edge scratches and shaking.

The corners of this phone mount for Harvey Davidson are retractable. This means that you can put a variety of phone height sizes and it will easily adapt.

The phone mount also allows 360-degrees rotation for you to locate a convenient position for your ride.

We can confidently say that this is the best phone mount for Harley Davidson in our list that covers almost all your concerns.

Outdoor Sport Motorcycle Cycling Waterproof Phone Case

Looking for an all-weather phone mount for your Harley Davidson bike? Then this is the best phone mount for you. It sits pretty well on your bike’s handlebar and it is easy and fast to install.

Made from ABS material and a transparent window, this phone mount gives you peace of mind when riding in stormy weather. The clear window lets you easily use your phone even in heavy downpours.

The construction of this holder is robust. Every corner is sealed up to guarantee that no raindrop can permeate through the phone holder and get into your phone.

This one works great with handlebars of 22-28 mm handlebars.

Metal Bicycle Phone Holder Bike Motorcycle Handlebar Clip

A metal holder guarantees two things.

One, sturdiness. The holder is strong enough to withstand any kind of shaking be it on tarmac or offroad terrain and TWO, metallic items are known to last long, decades on end.

This phone mount is metallic and its installation and use are quick and easy. You just screw the screwing knob to hold your phone in place.

The holders have protective pads to prevent your phone from coming into contact with the metallic part. This means that your phone will not be damaged by the metal as you screw it in.

The holder is very flexible. The moving part can open up to any length of phone size. This means that you can use it to hold any type of phone including iPads.

Bicycle Phone Holder CNC Motorcycle Handlebar phone mount

Durability is one of the most important factors a buyer would look for when trying to purchase a phone mount. Well, this one is made from an alloy of aluminum making it not only strong but will serve you for a very long time.

Installation is easy as you just have to screw the device onto your Harley motorbike’s handlebars tightly and you are done.

It comes with a case for holding your phone. You just slot in your phone and you are good to go. To make sure that things are tight and secure, it comes with a tightening knob at the side to fasten things. The knob also makes this phone mount adjustable to accommodate phones with even bigger screens.

360Degrees rotation works out fine. You can always set your phone in any comfortable position to allow easy accessibility.

Bicycle Motocycle phone mount with USB charger

Want to use your phone in a heavy downpour or even protect your phone from dust and rainwater? Then this is a good choice for you.

It is made of a partly leather bag, a transparent window, and a double zipper for that job. You can install it on your handlebar or a side mirror.

Once zipped in, your phone is free from scratches, shaking, water and dust.

It comes with a charging port, meaning, your device will never go off on transit.No need to wait till you reach your destination to recharge your phone. It has a port to allow you to pass the charging cable to your phone. This port is located at the bottom of this holder. This is deliberately put there to ensure that water doesn’t sip in.

Well, that is our curated list of Best phone mounts for Harley Davidson, you can view more phone mounts by clicking any of the links below.

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