best phone mount for f150

Ford F150 has multiple locations where you can attach your smartphone mount.

best phone mount for f150
Ford f150

These includes:

  • On your Windscreen
  • In your Cup Holder
  • In your Ford’s Vent
  • On top of your Ford f150 Dashboard

We have prepared a list of phone mounts containing the best phone mounts for f150. The phone holders below can attach to any of the locations mentioned above.

5 Best phone mounts for f150

Cup Phone Holder For Car Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Portable Cup Holder

We understand that the Ford f150 owners are busy people and are almost always in a hurry to reach their next destination in time. Therefore, you would not want any destructions like live messaging taking your attention away from the road.

The cup holder phone mount above is just the perfect option for you. The cupholder is located just below the dashboard. Once you attach your phone mount to it, your smartphone notifications will never interrupt. this is because your phone is far from your visibility angle.

The phone holder is sturdy. It will firmly keep your phone in place. It rotates a full 360 Degrees to allow you to pick the best phone viewing position.

The arm on this cup holder phone holder is long and flexible too. This extends your option when it comes to choosing an angle for using your phone.

We are confident to say that this is the best phone mount for f150 drivers.

Cartoon Mobile Gravity Air Car Mobile Phone Stand

This phone mount is a good pick for Ford f150 users as well.

We like it because it is easy and simple to install and use in your Ford truck.

It utilizes gravity to automatically lock your phone in. Once your phone lands on the bottom contacts, it pulls them down and consequently activates the lock.

This gadget attaches to your ford Vents. The size is also small meaning, it will not clutter your truck’s striking dashboard. The prongs on the rear end of this mount automatically clip into your vents and no screwing is needed. It’s a plug-and-play affair.

Once properly installed, this phone mount for ford f10 is stable enough to withstand any trembling or shaking.

No Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder Universal Car Bracket

This one has multiple contact points to ensure that your phone is safe and secure.

The point retracts to accommodate your smartphone. It also adapts to your phone width size. This means you can use multiple phone width sizes with this phone mount.

It uses the gravitational pull concept to lock in the phone and also release the holders whenever you want to remove the phone.

It also has an exquisite design that complements your Ford f150 dashboard look.

15W Smart Fast Charging Mobile Phone Holder for Car

Qi-Charging is the new norm when it comes to charging smartphones today. Most smartphones come with a wireless charging mechanism built-in today.

Wireless charging eliminates the struggle of dealing with charging cables every now and then.

With this phone mount, everything in your Ford truck will look organized and pretty. It charges your smartphone immediately after you slot it in on the mount wirelessly.

It is made from ABS material and metallic holding oints. This goes to show you that this phone mount will last you for a long time.

It uses gravitational pull to trigger the locking and unlocking features.

This phone mount fits onto your Ford’s Truck Ventilation cup.

It has the capability of rotating a full 360 Degrees on the adjustable ball joint.

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Wireless charger auto clamping air vent phone holder

This phone mount operates similarly to the previous phone holder above.

The only difference is the auto clamping feature.

You can click this link to learn more about this mount.

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