4 Best phone mount for boats

best phone mount for boat

Boat rides and car rides are not comparable. Boat rides are smooth as you can move in practically any direction. However, the chances of losing your expensive smartphone are much higher in a boat than in a car.

With this in mind, it is upon you to find the best phone mount for boats that is sturdy and holds on to your dashboard properly as well as giving your phone a firm grip.

That said, we have prepared a list of the best phone mounts you can use in your boat stress-free.

Here is a list of the best phone mount for boats

Here is how the THREE phone mounts for the boats above work.

1.QC3.0 USB Qi Wireless Charger Mount Holder Stand for Cellphone 32CB

This particular phone mount can work on bicycles as well as on boats. It can attach to boats that have boat handrails of less than 32mm in diameter.

Installation of this smartphone mount on the boat rail or pol takes less than a minute. You just need to attach it and screw down the tightening screw to fasten the base on the rail or post.

The number one reason we picked this phone mount as the best phone mount for boats is because of its firm grip on your phone. You will not worry about your phone slipping away and dropping down into the deep sea.

The support from this phone mount is steady fast. It won’t wobble as other mounts do.

It is an elegant piece of device perched on your boat’s dashboard or handrails. You could also use it on your motorbike or bicycle at home.

The most notable feature of this phone mount is the four phone contact points. They grab the four corners of your smartphone so that it can leave all buttons uncovered for quick and easy interaction. The four contacts are held together by tensile springs for a maximum grip of your phone. The beauty about them is that they can retract to accommodate even larger screens.

Multiple viewing options are a top priority when customers are hunting for the best boat phone mounts. This gadget comes with a ball joint that can pivot in multiple directions to afford you any comfortable viewing angle.

Here is the selling point for this boat phone mount;

It can wirelessly charge your phone on the go(No more inconvenience of charging cables.). Your phone will always be juiced up with power. It comes with a capacity to produce 15w of power. Additionally, the phone mount is qi-certified.

This particular mount for boats can accommodate virtually any iPhone screen size.iPhone 11 Pro X XR XS Max, 8, 8 Plus can all be held by this device.

2.Mpow CA032 Universal Phone Holder For iPhone X Phone Holder Windshield Mount Gravity 

This stylish phone mount is another best phone mount for boats. It fuses well with your boat’s exquisite dashboard.

It uses the suction concept to dock onto your dashboard. Suction cup installation is strong compared to using adhesive. Adhesives usually come off over time especially if the holder is used in the marine environment. The suction cup however sticks longer than you expect. But, you have to make sure that your boat’s surface is clean before mounting it. Dust may distort suction effectiveness.

You will love the retraction of this phone mount. Coupled with a ball joint that swivels a full 360 degrees, this mount stands out as the best pick for boat phone mounts. This sort of motion affords the user multiple smartphone viewing angles.

What about its strength?

The sturdiness on this mount is solid as a rock.No no bouncy movement once properly anchor this phone mount. It is made of reinforced ABS plastic material to guarantee maximum strength.

The surface has a smooth cushion mat to ensure that your phone does not collect scratches from the mount.

The holder swivels on an adjustable ball joint to give you a 360 Degree of movement. With this factor, you can orient your phone either vertically or horizontally. Additionally, the Telescopic arm lengthens from 11.8cm to 16.8cm and swings vertically as well. The retracting arm allows the user to interact with the phone even when seated on the boat’s driver seat. It makes it easy to reposition the mount in any direction to meet the user’s demands.

To lock in the smartphone, you make a gentle push on the sidearm.

The quick-release button makes it super easy for you to remove the phone from the mount.

The vast majority of our customers have indicated that this is the best phone mount for boats. It can also be used in cars at home.

3.Kayak Phone Mount Universal Boat Bracket Canoe Camera Mount Holder with Flexible Long Arm kayak accessories Mobile Support

This particular phone mount is made for use in boats, canoes, and Kayaks.

It has a flexible arm that lets you move your phone to an angle most convenient for you.

You might be led into thinking that being flexible, might not be stable for holding your phone in place. Far from that. This mount is very strong and flexibility is only meant to allow you to move it with your hands. Otherwise, it remains steady fast even on strong water waves.

Not only can you connect your phone on this phone mount, but you can also mount cameras for taking videos and photos as you sail through.

Connecting it to your boat is straightforward, you just plug it in on the boat phone mount rail and screw fastening screws. That’s it.

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