Best phone holder for ford fiesta

Hi, ford fiesta vehicle owners. We understand that a comfy car like your ford fiesta needs a cool and functional phone mount to do the job of holding your device firmly although the journey.

To make your search easier for the Best phone holder for the ford fiesta, we have prepared a list of 4 possible mounts you could consider.

Ford Fiesta

We have evaluated these mounts according to functionality, installation, and sturdiness when it comes to using them in your fiesta.

Here is our pick for the Best phone holder for the ford fiesta

Phone Cup Holder for Car Universal 360 Rotating Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle Car Mount for Phone
Best phone holders for the ford fiesta

This one falls at the top of our list of the best phone mount for ford fiesta as it comes out as the most stable.

It is meant to fit into your car’s cup holder. It is designed to solidly stick into your cup holder. This combined with a gooseneck deters the chances of your phone trembling on rough terrain.

Most of us would want an opportunity to configure the right position to use our phones. With this phone holder, you have a flexible gooseneck that swings in all directions. You will easily find a perfect position to mount your phone.

Let’s talk about the phone mounting part of this holder. The grip is firm to secure the phone completely in place for the whole journey. The base has 4 retracting pads that are operated by a twist at the top of the base. These pads hold onto the car’s cup holder to make the mount stable.

Holder Characteristics

  • 360 Degrees Rotation capability
  • 9-inch gooseneck design
  • 5.5 MM resting base for your phone
  • Rotate the base to install it into the cupholder

To remove the phone, you just push a button on the side of the holder to release the locking mechanism.

Baseus Gravity Car Phone Holder 360 Rotation CD Slot Mount

This is an exquisite addition to your ford fiesta. It is elegant and a conversational starter in your car.

It installs into your CD slot and solidly holds onto it. It guarantees a firm stay of your phone even on bumpy roads.

The ball joint behind this mount facilitates a 360 Degrees turn. You will be able to interact with your device in both portrait and horizontal orientations. This is an ideal pick for those of you who want to use GPS when traveling.

It works on the gravitational pull aspect. Once you place the phone on the foot of this mount, it activates the locking mechanism that eventually makes the side ears grab your phone.

Holder Characteristics

  • Slots into CD slot
  • Ball joint
  • Gravity activated locking
  • Soft resting pad
15W Smart Fast Charging Mobile Phone Holder for Car

The beauty of this phone mount is that it will juice up your phone with charge as you move. If your phone adopts wireless charging, this mount is an ideal pick for use in your ford fiesta.

It cramps onto your car’s ventilation blinds and stays put. Like the mount above this, it also uses gravitational pull to lock in the phone.

Holder Characteristics

  • Wirelessly Charging
  • 15w power
  • Ball joint for 360 Degrees Turn
  • Slots into the ventilation blinds
Magnetic Suction Cup Car Phone Holder For iPhone Android Phone Holder Windshield Dashboard Adjustable Slide Car Mount Holder New

Magnetic phone mounts are taking over. This is due to ease of use and installation.

This particular mount has powerful magnets installed. It comes with a metal plate that you have to insert in between your phone battery and its cover. The magnetic section of the phone holder will then attach to this plate when you place your phone on the mount.

The phone holder is designed for convenient use. It has a joint that allows up and down movement not to mention that the magnetic section slides vertically too. All this allows you to use your phone in multiple positions.

  • Strong Magnets.
  • 360 Degrees turn.
  • Suction cup installation.

Video on how to install this phone mount

You can read this article to see how to install this mount.


There goes our list of the best phone holder for ford fiesta. We would highly recommend the cupholder phone holder identified above. Although the other phone mounts are a good pick too, we feel that the cupholder phone holder gives you more options.

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