10 best magnetic iPhone car mount

Magnetic phone mounts are the best options for holding iPhones in cars. In this post, we are going to evaluate the best magnetic iPhone car mount that works.

Do magnetic phone mounts work?


The pieces of magnets incorporated in the magnetic phone car mount are super strong and durable as well. Once you place your phone on the mount, it won’t come off even on the roughest terrain. The phone mounts are rigorously tested during the design and manufacture process to ensure that the mount holds on to your phone no matter the condition of the road you are traveling on.

best magnetic iphone car mount

Our list best magnetic iPhone car mount

Magnetic Car Phone Holder For Phones Universal Car Air Vent Holder For iPhone

This one has a wide surface to accommodate even the widest screens. The magnets are powerful to firmly hold onto your phone even on the roughest roads.

It is rotatable as well to give you options of using your phone on either landscape or portrait mode.

It will firmly lock onto your car’s ventilation cup. It has two ear-like plates to prevent the mount from wiggling because sometimes the blades in your car’s ventilation may be weak.

This phone mount however does not work with round ventilation cups.

Magnetic 360 Rotating Car Phone Holder Air Vent Clip Mount Stand 

Looking for a simple phone magnetic mount and yet functional?

This is a perfect fit for you.

It leaves your dashboard clean and decluttered. The magnets also are up to the task. Through the phone mount, the magnets are super powerful.

It comes in a variety of colors, you will not miss an iPhone mount for your car whose color blends with the car’s exterior.

Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Portable Car Air Vent Holder


This is one of the best magnetic iPhone car mounts that attach to your dashboard.

It comes with a ball joint to facilitate a 360 degrees movement.

The bar is strong too and moves easily up and down. Once you find a perfect angle use the knob at the bottom of the mount to tighten it.

Magnetic Car phone Holder Stand For xiaomi redmi note 5a mi note 8 360 Metal Air vent Magnetic Holder in Car GPS Mount Holder

Our customers like this phone mount because it is easy to install and use. A simple push to the vents and you are done.

The magnet does what it promises you.

No worries about the phone falling to the ground. The cramp onto the vents is solid rock as well.

Magnetic Suction Cup Car Phone Holder For IPhone Android Phone Holder Windshield Dashboard with Adjustable Slide 

The iPhone mount affords you multiple motion directions. You can move it across as well as horizontal. The magnets can slide vertically. All these motions are meant to give you possibilities of any angle of you feel comfortable using your phone.

The material making p this product is solid to make the mount sturdy.

Installation is super easy. You can check this post here to see how to effectively install it.

LESHP,Easy to Operate Dashboard Mount and Windshield Magnetic Universal Car Phone Mount

This phone mount is not only an adorable and dazzling phone mount for iPhones but it has strong magnets and sturdy construction making it a functional piece.

It is the best magnetic iPhone car mount loved by a lot of customers .

It uses a suction mechanism to attach to surfaces. This gives it a solid rock hold onto the dash or windscreen. This also warrants a secure iPhone mount.

Easy and flexible phone movements are guaranteed by the ball joint.

It is a one-hand operated phone mount which is a road safety-conscious design.

Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder Magnet Holder Stand For Phone in Car dashboard Smartphone Holder

Looks like a shield!

This mini-sized magnetic phone mount will shield your phone from any bouncy movement maintaining it securely in place all the time.

It has a ball joint that allows you to rotate your phone a full 360 Degrees. This way, you can always find a perfect angle for using your phone as you drive.

QI Standard Magnetic Car Phone Wireless Charger Dashboard mount

Want an iphone car mount that has got wireless charging function as well as magnetic mount capability?

This is the right pick for you.

It has 5V 2A, 9V 1.67A charging capability. Place your iPhone on this mount and it immediately starts juicing up with power.

The surface area(8*6*7cm) is wide enough to accommodate a variety of iPhones.If you choose to upgrade your iPhone to the newest version, you will not need to change your car’s phone mount.

The magnets are up to the task. You do not need to worry about your iPhone ever falling off. The four contact points have got super strong magnet to firmly attract your iPhone onto the magnetic phone mount.

Finally, the ABS construction means that the gadget will serve you for a long, this is because ABS material is very durable.

Car Phone Holder Magnetic Universal Magnet Phone Mount For IPhone X Xs Max

This one comes in twos; you are handed two options of mounting your phone when you purchase this mount. One can go onto the surface while the other can fit onto the car’s ventilation. This is the best magnetic iPhone car mount for those who like small-sized mounts.

If you like it when your dashboard is decluttered and clean, then these magnetic phone mounts are what you need.

These mini-sized magnetic phone mounts have a diameter the size of a pop socket. They will take minimal space on your dashboard. When not in use, they are barely visible.

Talking of convenience, these phone mounts come with a ball joint installed to facilitate a 360 Degrees rotation.

Installation is straightforward as well; It is just a simple push of the vent mount onto the vents or attaching the dashboard mount using the sticker.

Car Phone Holder For Phone In Car Mobile Support Magnetic Phone Mount Stand For Tablets 

This one is great as it is very simple to install. It involves a simple push to the handles and the levers open. The mount then “bites” onto one of the blades in your car’s ventilation. The grip is super strong to deter any vibration from making it come off the blade.

The magnet on this holder is strong too. The holder comes with metal sheets to insert into your phone case or behind your phone’s battery cover.

The surface of this magnetic iPhone car mount is wide enough to accommodate all series of iPhones including the latest one in the market.

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