best gravity phone holder

Let’s look at theĀ  best gravity phone holder

Gravity-activated phone holders are the best dashboard cell phone holders ever.

Your phone activates the phone holder handles as it moves down the holder due to gravity.

However, not all gravity cell phone holder gives the best result as you would expect. We would therefore like to review the best gravity phone holder so that you can have an easy time acquiring a perfect fit for your needs.

gravity activated dashboard phone holder

We found the following 10 cell phone holders to serve the needs of drivers pretty well.

VICSEED Ultra Stable Car Phone Holder Mount, [Upgrade 100% Won’t Fall & Break] 2 in 1 Air Vent Phone MountĀ 

This simplistic gravity-locked phone holder is an ideal choice for people who own cars with small dashboards or better yet those who want decluttered dash. It has an elegant appeal and takes up little of your dashboard space.

It is the best gravity phone holder as it is not costly and is uncomplicated to install and use.

This particular phone mount perches onto your ventilation cup. It has clips that anchor on one of the vent’s blinds. You just make a slight push and it automatically clips in and stays. The grip on the vents is solid warranting no wobbling even on worse road terrains.

once You drop your smartphone on this gravity phone holder, the gravitational force on your phone pushes the bottom arms on the phone mount and in the event triggers a locking mechanism that leads to the side arms closing in.

Removing your smartphone from the phone holder takes less than a second.

Drag the phone out and the weight on the bottom arms is released. This triggers the release function on the mount. There are no buttons to fumble with on this phone mount, just plug in and plug out the phone hustle-free.

What about scratching the phone?

No worries, this phone mount surface is smooth and is built from ABS material. The arm’s holding points are wrapped in soft and anti-slip silicone gel, this goes to show that your phone is secure on this gravity phone mount.

This one affords you a 360 degrees rotation for different phone orientation needs as well as accommodating a wide spectrum of smartphone screen widths.

The design of this gravity phone holder gives an impression that someone’s arm is actually holding your phone. That is because the side arms are slightly curved to give your phone a firm grip,

Like the phone mount in Number one, this one utilizes gravity activated locking mechanism. Inserting and removing your smartphone is super quick. Most of our customers have indicated that this is one of the best gravity phone holders they have owned.

It goes into your vent cup, meaning, your dashboard will never have dirty marks that come as a result of using adhesives to dock your phone mounts. Ventilation phone holders set themselves apart from other holders as they do not require sticky substances to anchor them on your dash.

The leather surface on this mount prevents scratches from ever occurring on your iPhone not to mention that it blends with your dashboard look and feel thereby not noticeable.

It offers a 360 Degrees swing for portrait or landscape positions depending on the needs of the user.

You can click this link to make a purchase.

We picked this one as it has a bold look. It blends well with posh vehicles such as a jeep or a Benz.

The adjustable ball joint swivels around to give you 360 Degrees angle positions you could set your smartphone in.

Are you using an iPhone?

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For those of us who want multiple functionalities within one phone mount, this best gravity phone holder fits the bill,

It comes with wireless charging incorporated in it. So, not only does it hold your phone but it charges it on the go.