Best cell phone holder for cars

15 Best Cell Phone Holders for Your Car

While you must not use your phone while driving, these nifty devices have become a critical element of our lives. They’re so crucial that leaving them at home is not an option. The best cell phone holder for the car will allow you to have them by your side while driving. That way, you’ll have access to a ton of features while on the road.

You can get a phone holder for your car relatively easily today and cheaply at that. For under one dollar, you can get yourself an essential phone holder that simply keeps your phone upright in the car.

best cell phone holder for car

But if you are looking for a bit of value, you need to keep in mind a couple of features in your next cell phone holder. ABS construction is standard on today’s devices as well as 360 Degree rotation. Other notable features like wireless charging are a bonus. Check out these 15 examples of the best cell phone holders for your car.

1.      360 Degrees Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder

While driving, you need to focus solely on driving and keeping your eyes on the road. Therefore, an ideal cell phone holder shouldn’t obstruct your view of the road. The 360 Degrees universal smartphone car mount holder is what you need in your car.

This piece is the best cell phone holder for car windshields because it is compact and robust enough to hold your cell phone in place. Even if you stray off the beaten path, your smartphone won’t drop to the floor or distract you with any sudden movements.

It has a suction mechanism that sticks to your vehicle’s windscreen. The suction cup has a 2.5-inch diameter, wide enough to stick well but then not so much to block the road while you’re driving. Additionally, it rotates through 360⁰. So you can use your phone at pretty much any angle. Even if you prefer the landscape mode, this holder allows it.

2.      Car Multifunction Phone Holder

The fashionable Car Multifunction Phone Holder is one of the best cell phone holders for your car’s dashboard. Attach it on your dash, where it is not in line with your view of the road.

The holder doesn’t only keep your phone upright while you are on the road. It has a charging mechanism that allows you to boost your device’s power while driving.

The holder has a neat design, this is why we think it is one of the best cell phone holders for cars. You can extend this car mount’s arms or shorten them as you wish. Also, its suction mechanism is sturdy and holds well on the dashboard. Additionally, the holder has a shipshape bracket design that secures your device in place via gravity, whereas a locking mechanism keeps it in position as you use it.

This holder is made from silicone, which won’t scratch your device. Similarly, it is sturdy enough and will last you a long time.

3.      Greatlizard Car Cup Phone holder

Car cup phone holders are much different from widescreen and dash phone mounts. They are tucked away just below the infotainment screen section, and you aren’t going to see them as you look towards the road.

The Great lizard Car Cup Phone holder is the best cell phone holder for your car’s cupholder. It has a robust build using high-quality materials. It is long-lasting as well as good looking especially for a blacked-out interior.

The cell phone nest is nicely padded. This means your iPhone won’t collect scratches once you place it inside the hold. The mount has a long arm that allows you to bring your phone closer if you wish. This is one of the best cell phone holder for car cup holder that most of our clients pick in our store.

One of the benefits of cup holder phone mounts is that you don’t need any attaching mechanism. You don’t need glue or a suction cup with this holder. Any vehicle with a pair of cup holders is good enough to run the device.

Additionally, you can fit a wide range of cell phones in the holder’s adjustable bracket. You can attach smartphones as large as 7 inches and down to 3.5 inches.

4.      Adjustable Gooseneck Car Cup Phone Holder

Car cup holders are easy to install since you just need an empty cup holder to slide your phone mount inside. There is no need for glues or fancy attaching mechanisms. That’s why the Adjustable Gooseneck Car Cup Phone Holder ranks as one of the best cell phone holders for your car.

It has a standout gooseneck that resembles a goose’s neck. But this arm isn’t there for cosmetic reasons. It is highly adjustable and you can rotate it through 360⁰. You don’t have to limit your viewing with the gooseneck holder.

Driving off-road is fun, but the activity gets your car working extra hard. There is a lot of vibration and shakiness when you are on rough terrain. Luckily, this holder has an anti-shake design that keeps your cell phone in place. It won’t matter how hard you’re driving through gravel, rocks, or mud pits.

5.      BASEUS Mobile Phone Clip Holder

BASEUS is a remarkable phone accessories company that specializes in phone holders. This mobile phone clip holder looks exquisite from its aluminum alloy and ABS construction.

If you own a luxury vehicle, you need an equally lavish-looking phone holder for your iPhone. The mount fits into your CD slot, and BASEUS added a sturdy attachment mechanism. This piece won’t fall off even if you are on bumpy roads.

Additionally, the phone holder has a triangular stability design for added stability. The bracket looks quite lavish with a polished finishing with equally good-looking clip arms.

The holder is lined with silicone on the inside section where your phone goes. You can rest easy knowing the metallic body won’t cause ugly scratches while driving, more so off-road.

The BASEUS mobile phone holder is small enough and allows you to use your phone with only one hand. Remember, you need 100% focus while driving, and using your phone during the process puts you at risk of causing an accident.

6.      OBSHI Gravity Car Phone Holder

It is probably the smallest and quite rightly the best phone holder for your car we have in our store. This compact design blends in with your car’s interior and uses up very little space.

The OBSHI gravity car phone holder attaches to your car’s air vents. It is small enough and won’t obstruct your AC’s functioning. Additionally, its size makes it easy to use, install, and detach from the vents. It is absolutely the best cell phone holder for car vents.

ABS and silicone construction make the holder looks excellent and stylish. But don’t be fooled by its miniature build because it can still fit phones that are as large as 6 inches. On the lower end, 4-inch cell phones fit comfortably in the holder.

The OBSHI holder has five points of attachment for holding your phone in place. So even if you’re driving off-road, you don’t need to worry about your phone falling off.

7.      OBSHI Universal Car Phone Holder

Are you looking for the best cell phone holder for the car that is simple to install and easy to use?

OBSHI makes superb-looking phone holders, and the Universal car phone holder is no different. It has an angled design principle with a carbon fiber-like material in the cell phone holder.

The holder is made from ABS and won’t scrape your phone. Besides, it is sturdy and will last you a lifetime of usage.

The OBSHI universal phone holder suits iPhones more mainly because of its careful construction. Nevertheless, it has adjustable clipper arms that can stretch to accommodate a wide range of devices. Once in place, the brackets secure your phone and prevent it from falling over.

The holder’s lower section accommodates your charging cable. This holder fits into your car’s air vents and doesn’t obstruct your view of the road.

8.      Multifunction Car Phone Holder

What is the best cell phone holder for your car? For starters, it must be sturdy and last you some time. Also, the holder must hold your phone securely so that even if you are off the beaten path, you don’t risk damaging your device.

This multifunction car phone holder ticks all boxes on phone holder specs. It has a suction mechanism that attaches to either your car’s windshield or dashboard. The suction mechanism is reliable, and you can be sure your phone will be held securely.

The attachment bracket is quite flexible and will extend to fit a wide range of cell phones up to 6inches wide. The phone holder still has a small footprint and won’t take up much of our dashboard space. Likewise, even if you attach it to your windscreen, it will only occupy a small portion while still affording you enough view of the road.

9.      DigRepair Auto-Clamping Air Vent Phone Holder

Don’t you hate it when you drive and arrive at your destination with a dead phone battery? Well, you no longer have to experience that inconvenience with the DigRepair Auto-Clamping Air Vent Phone Holder.

The mount has a 10W fast charging capability that boosts your cell phone’s power significantly, even for short trips. Also, the holder has a neat design that will blend well with your iPhone. There are several color options available as well to suit your taste.

There is an auto-clamping mechanism that secures your iPhone in place. Even while driving off-road, you don’t have to worry about your phone tumbling into your car’s footwell. Also, since it goes into the air vent, you’ll have your windscreen clear and unobstructed.

This one is one of the best cell phone holders for your car that most of our customers go for.

You can click this link to view more information about it.

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10. DigRepair Air Vent Charger For iPhone

If you are seeking a multifunctional car phone holder for your Apple device, then the DigRepair Air Vent Charger For iPhone is exactly what you need. It is an elegant device that is also practical and complements your rich interior space.

This holder is made with high-grade ABS material. It doesn’t just sit pretty in your car, it is also long-lasting, and you won’t have to look for a replacement in the near future.

The highlight of the holder, however, is its QI wireless charger. Now you don’t need to fiddle around with cables when you want to charge your phone. The magnetic induction charger is rated at 5V and 9V and will fill up your cell phone in no time.

The phone mount attaches to your car’s air vents. This way, you can still keep your eyes on the road without the phone getting in your way. The phone holder can rotate through 360⁰, and this allows you unlimited viewing angles.

Additionally, the holder is entirely adjustable and will fit a range of devices up to 6.5 inches. While it is tailored for the mega iPhone 8X, you can still slide in your Samsung Galaxy and take advantage of the wireless charging inside.

We consider this type of phone mount as the best cell phone holder for the car as it has dual purposes inbuilt. It can magnetically hold on to your phone as well as charge it wirelessly. You get to kill one bird with one stone.

11. CAR-Partment Non-Slip Car Phone Holder

A lot of drivers struggle with weak phone holders that are poorly built. Most times, when driving off paved roads, your cell phone might slip off its holder and drop to the car floor where you’re likely to step on it.

If you don’t want such a scenario, you need to get yourself the CAR-partment Non-slip car phone holder. This gadget has a set of strong elastic clips. These are designed to hold on to your phone securely. Additionally, there is a non-slip mat in place that discourages slippage by friction between your cell and the holder.

So even if you are driving in the bush, you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your smartphone.

It is a neat holder that fits into your car’s air vents and keeps your view unbarred. Also, even though the holder is relatively small, it will still hold a wide range of devices including those with large screens. It actually the best cell phone holder for the car in the gravity-activated cell phone holders category.

12. OBSHI Car Phone Holder

Are you looking for a well-ordered smartphone holder that will secure your phone in your car and office? The OBSHI car phone holder is a little gizmo with a suction mechanism that holds your phone in place just about anywhere.

If you are going for a drive, simply fix the suction cup onto your car’s dash and secure your phone in place. It is made from ABS material that is environmentally safe and will last you a lifetime. Its smooth back and attractive design complement the beauty of your car’s interior space.

The holder secures your phone with a magnet and will fit phones that are smaller than 6 inches. Lastly, even if you are done driving, you can take the device out and use it on your office desk or at home.

on the magnetic phone mount category, this particular phone holder stands out as the best cell phone holder for cars.

13. CAR-Partment In-Car Phone Holder

Nowadays, smartphones are getting larger, with 6-inch screens becoming the norm. You’ll need a suitable phone holder to keep your large screen in place, like the CAR-partment In-Car Phone Holder.

It will comfortably hold phones with screens that range between 4-6 inches. Additionally, the holders is equipped with ball joints that enable an all-round rotation. There is a non-slip pad on the holder to keep your phone from sliding off and dropping to the car floor.

This holder has a suction mechanism that is super easy to install on your dash. The plastic and ABS construction make the entire setup light and long-lasting.

14. MPOW Universal Car Phone Holder

The universal car phone holder from MPOW will fit several iPhone models from the 8-series to later iPhone 5 models.

This gadget allows you to vary your viewing angles with 360⁰ rotation. Also, it can be significantly adjusted to fit a lot of phones, with the biggest configuration being 6-inch devices. The ABS construction ensures its longevity as well as a light and compact build.

You’ll never go wrong with MPWO’s phone holders that also feature an adjustable arm that stretches your phone’s screen for a closer view.

15. Greatlizard Universal Car Phone Holder

While driving, you shouldn’t be distracted, and sometimes a simple phone holder is all you need while on the road. Greatlizard’s universal car phone holder doesn’t have much going on for it but its functionality.

It is made with ABS material all around, is light, and is a compact gizmo. Installation is a breeze and you’ll quickly fit it onto your car’s dashboard. It has a nifty little suction cup that will stick onto your dash or windshield.

The magnetic holder attaches to your phone case and will stick on a wide range of covers. The magnet is robust, and you’ll need a great degree of force to knock off the phone from the holder. So even if you’re driving off proper roads, you don’t have to worry about your device tumbling down.

In the magnetic phone mounts category, this one tops as the best cell phone holder for the car, Our buyers love it every time.

For a lot of drivers, getting a new phone holder is not a monumental decision. You only need your phone’s screen dimensions and you’re set to go. However, you’ll need to consider a lot more than that. For example, if you like driving the great outdoors, you’ll need a tight-fitting bracket that will secure your device.

However, we hope that our list above of the best cell phone holders for your car will greatly assist you in owning an ideal cell phone mount for your car.

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