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Best Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard

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When behind the wheels, holding a phone on your palm is a serious offense as driving under the influence. Using a phone shifts your attention from the real action just as alcohol does, putting the lives of those in the car at risk. Want to carry your phone along but wouldn’t want to collide with law enforcers? Why don’t you buy the best cell phone holder for the car dashboard?

A dashboard cellphone holder will magnetically or adhesively attach to the car dashboard. It’ll sit firmly on your car’s dashboard, allowing for hands-free GPS navigation, hands-free calling and music, and phonebook navigation.

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Buyers are spoilt with options when it comes to dashboard cellphone holders. Cheaper options aren’t always a throw, but most of them are weak and unsafe. The most expensive cell phone holders for the car dashboard deliver value for money. However, don’t stress too much on pricing as there are still good holders that cost half the price.

The Top 5 Best Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard Reviews

Universal Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Dashboard


  • Color black
  • Universal compatibility
  • Magnetic clips
  • The 360-degree angle of view

What We Like

  • Holds firmly and securely
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Small yet super effective

What We Don’t Like

  • Not compatible with all iPhone and Smartphone devices

Looking for the best cell holder for a car dashboard with a powerful magnetic grip that can hold virtually any phone? Look no further. The universal magnetic phone holder is a true definition of a small fashionable car dashboard holder that combines unique decor and premium ultra-mini design. It installs fast and requires minimal technical skills.

The robust magnets will securely hold your smartphone in position ensuring for a longer and stronger grip. The 360° rotation support gives you a quality view of your smartphone’s content from virtually any orientation, including diagonal, horizontal, and vertical. Remarkably, the ultra-mini design keeps the holder free from public glares, while offering the optimal sight of view to ease your rides.

You’re getting a high-end car dashboard holder with patented technology that offers convenient one-hand operation. Its high-quality adhesive tape for mounting the holder to your car dashboard won’t leave behind residues after removal.

Magnetic Suction Cup Car Dashboard Holder For Android and iPhone


  • Color green or black
  • ABS material
  • Universal clamping width
  • Magnetic suction cup
  • The 360-degree angle of view

What We Like

  • Installs easily and quickly
  • Super strong magnetics
  • Highly adjustable sliding design
  • Firm and strong fitting

Looking for a cool and high-grade magnetic phone holder that stands out in performance and reliability, the universal magnetic car suction cup holder from the Greatlizard is an ideal choice. Greatlizard isn’t a big name in the car holder manufacturing industry, but you’re sure going to like their products.

This high-quality yet affordable magnetic phone holder uses strong magnets to hold your device in place. The suction cups attach to your car dashboard or windshield providing a firm grip. You don’t need any technical skills to install or remove the holder from your car dashboard as it installs effortlessly.

Worried about blocked views or poor access to your smartphone? The adjustable sliding design offers seamless customization of the viewing angle to any orientation within 360 degrees.

DigRepair Wireless Charger With Car

Auto-Clamping Air Vent Phone Holder


  • Power output and input functions
  • 6mm charger distance
  • ABS & PC vacuum plating material
  • Qi wireless charging protocol compliant

What We Like

  • Wireless phone charging capability
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Adjustable angle of view
  • Firm and solid grip

Anyone hunting for the best cell phone holder for the car dashboard wouldn’t browse past the DigRepair Wireless Charger auto-clamping holder. This patented phone holder with a wireless charger automatically clamps once a phone is placed on it. Opening it is as easy as touching the top back cover.

You can get this advanced smartphone holder with a dashboard or windshield mount to enjoy handless access to your smartphone and distraction-free driving. The adjustable swivel ball lets you adjust your viewing angle to your liking. It really is the best car holder for phones of all sizes and shapes that ensures you can track your GPS and make handless calls with minimal hassle.

Baseus Universal Mobile Phone Clip Holder


  • Color silver and black
  • ABS+Aluminum Alloy Material
  • CD port
  • Compatible with Cars with CD port
  • Weighs 150 grams

What We Like

  • Great compatibility with cars having CD port
  • Offers two color options
  • Highly durable and strong
  • Quite with most people’s budget reach

The best cell phone holder for a car dashboard should be a replica of solid construction, great usability, and impressive look. The Baseus Gravity car phone holder 360 rotation exceeds in all these aspects. It has an awesome free universal rotation of 360 ° that gives you a quality view of your phone’s screen under different orientations.

The triangle fixed lock holds your smartphone in place, preventing any possible turbulence. It’s reserved charging hole design enables you to charge your phone while on the go. You’ll surely love the fact that this car phone holder uses a silicone pad that doesn’t hurt your smartphone or car. The clip arm and buckle won’t cause scratches on your phone, either.

Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder


  • Color black
  • 247 grams of weight
  • 89 by 3.54 by 3.54-inch size
  • Water cup design

What We Like

  • Super safe and stable
  • Universal design
  • Unshakable and fit for different car dashboards
  • Easy to install and use
  • Highly adjustable

If the best cell phone holder for the car dashboard as per your specifications is one that can be adjusted and requires no additional tools to install, then the universal adjustable gooseneck cup holder all you need. This cup cell phone holder gives you a safe and quality viewing angle with a single release of the extendable feet and bending arms.

It’s one of the safest and most stable best cell phone holders for a car dashboard that protects your phone against scratching and sliding. It’s adjustable heavy base and solid neck prevents the unit from shaking while you try adjusting your phone’s angle.

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