Best Car Vent Phone Holders

The Five Best Car Vent Phone Holders

Our smartphones are part and parcel of our day to day lives. We want to have them everywhere we are, even when we are on the move in our vehicles. Acquiring the best car vent phone holder would go a long way in assisting you in properly handling your device on the road.

Driving as well as operating a phone is a multitasking event that we humans cant handle with ease without messing things up occasionally. However, multitasking is something we would like to do every so often.

vent dashboard phone holder

A reliable phone mount will enable you to get the most out of your mobile device on the road. While driving, your eyes ought to be on the road. Nevertheless, once armed with one of the best car vent phone holders below, it becomes easy to interact with your device with many conveniences.

All of them lock well into your car vents as well as maintaining a good grip on your phone throughout the ride.

There are tons of mobile phone holders out there, and settling on a good one among different variations isn’t an easy task.

This guide should help solve your phone holder’s needs.

1.      OBSHI Universal Adjustable Car Vent Phone Holder

Like its name, this phone holder can fit a wide range of mobile phones in its gravity induction attachment setup. Just slide your handset in-between the silicone walls and have it secure for the journey ahead.

The OBSHI Universal adjustable car vent phone holder fits inside your car’s air vents as snugly as possible. It has leather accents which make for a pleasant looking attachment device.

There are silicone cushions on either side of the phone that prevents your phone from getting scratches. The design is also neat and helps keep your smartphone upright.

This smartphone holder is easy to use with a straightforward operating mechanism. It is not a high tech affair and does its job pretty well even though it sells for much less.

2.      LESHP Fast Charging Mobile Phone Holder

If you are going all-out for your next car vent phone holder, choose the LESHP Fast Charging Mobile Phone Holder. It has all the bells and whistles that represent the best car vent phone, holder.

The holder consists of metal brackets that tightly clamp onto your phone. Its design allows your device to sit snugly in the holder from gravity while a safety catch keeps everything together.

If you are a fan of big panels, you’ll love the fact that the LESHP holder can accommodate phones as large as 6.8 inches. Conversely, it can still be adjusted down and fit 4.5-inch screens.

The holder goes into your car vent smoothly. It comes with a 15W charging outlet ensuring that you never run out of juice while on the road. The only shortcoming is this spectacular phone mount is quite bulky. A larger handset only means that your dashboard will be filled very fast with equipment.

3.      OBSHI Universal Gravity Car Vent Phone Holder

Sometimes, all you need in a phone holder is a place to keep your phone from falling and easy access to it on the road. That’s why the OBSHI holder ranks as one of the best car vent phone holders, mostly because of its functionality.

OBSHI employs a pretty simple triangle design that keeps your phone in place on the road. There isn’t much in this holder but a trio of clamps that secure your phone in place. At the bottom, there is an anti-slip catch that prevents unwanted slippages.

This holder is relatively small and affordable. It’s also easy to install and use and quite frankly, a good looking addition to your car’s interior.

4.      Baseus Mobile Phone Clip Holder

The priciest car vent phone holder lives up to the hype. Featuring an aluminum alloy construction with a simple design, Baseus’ phone holder is not only good-looking but also practical.

The Baseus phone holder allows you to view your phone at whichever angle thanks to the the360⁰ rotation. It has a triangular fixed lock with a buckle that keeps your phone in place. Also, the holder has a silicone base, which gives your phone a soft landing in case the drive becomes rough.

While the holder doesn’t have a separate charging mechanism, it does feature a charging space that you can use while on the phone. Whether you have a sub-5” phone or a larger 6.5-inch panel, Baseus has you covered with its flexibility.

5.      OBSHI Car Phone Holder

The best car vent phone holder has got to be secure enough for any phone. Without this primary factor checked, you’re better off holding it in your pocket. With our  OBSHI vent phone holder, you don’t need to hide your device.

This attachment device is one of the most secure holders out there. The neat little bracket comes with five support points tightly wrapping around your smartphone. It is adjustable enough and can hold up to 6-inch devices.

The OBSHI car phone holder consists of metal with a silicone interior. The latter keeps your device from getting jerked around on rough rides. Moreover, the device supports up to 360⁰ rotation, meaning you can direct the screen towards your line-of-sight without taking your eyes off the road.

It is an affordable little gizmo. Due to its price, though, it lacks some advanced features found in other holders, like wireless charging.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Car Vent Phone Holder

Before getting that shiny new vent holder, you need to take a step back and consider these factors first.

Best Car Vent Phone Holders

a.       What’s your car interior like?

Most times, you are only going to use the holder within the car. Naturally, the best car vent phone holders merge seamlessly with your car’s interior, so you have to consider your windscreen angle, dashboard, and vent shapes.

For car vent holders, round vents do not offer the same stability as other flattened alternatives. Additionally, thinner blades aren’t sturdy enough to secure your phone.

b.      Phone size and frequency of use

This is a no-brainer actually; a big phone needs lots of space hence a slightly larger holder. Adjustable examples are preferred as smartphones keep getting larger screens every year.

Additionally, consider how often you use your device on the road. If you’d instead put it away while on the wheel, you’re better off with an inexpensive holder.

c.       Types of Attachment used

Windscreen holders usually use adhesives and suction cup mounts. On the other hand, car vent phone holders are attached to your air vent’s blades as others go into the CD slot.

Whatever type of mount you settle on, they’ll probably have either a magnet or cradle securing it in your car. Cradles can hold significantly larger devices while magnets are flexible and relatively simple to set up.

d.      Charging

Car vent holders that can charge your device are great for long journeys. Though, the added tech only makes the entire arrangement bulky.

Otherwise, phone holders that lack a charging capability are small, lightweight, and less costly.

While driving, you always need to focus on the road – using your phone while driving is pretty dangerous and can result in mistakes that lead to accidents.

That notwithstanding, phone holders allow you to get up to speed with your contacts. All you need is a stable holder, which you don’t have to fumble around to get it working. That’s why these examples are the best car vent phone holders you can find right now.

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