6 Best car phone mount for thick cases

best car phone mount for thick cases
Magnetic phone mount for thick cases

When we talk of the best car phone mount for thick cases, windscreen phone mounts and dashboard phone mounts do not count. Phones with thick phone cases are basically heavy, more weight makes phone mounts attached to the windscreen or the dashboard surface come off. So, stay away from them.

We however advise you to use the following type of phone mounts if you use thick phone cases.

This article goes into great length of analyzing some of the best car phone mounts for thick cases that are functional.

6 best car phone mount for thick cases

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder for Car, Car Cup Holder Phone Mount Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle Car Mount

This elegant well-crafted phone mount would be a wonderful addition to your car’s accessory arsenal. Besides being appealing, it is functional too.

Cupholder phone holders are very sturdy and guarantee a firm grip on the phone. This phone mount meets these features 100%.

When looking for the best car phone mount for thick cases, you will have to look for a phone mount that opens up a wider width in order to accommodate your phone screen. This particular phone mount holding area is wide and the arms are engineered to adapt to varying screen sizes(2.01′ – 3.54′ wide devices). A thick case will definitely make your phone wider. With this phone mount, you are sorted.

The holding arms are retractable and can adjust to screen sizes in the range indicated above. The arms also have soft cushions that warrant the safety of your phone. This design protects your phone from external shock.

The mount anchors into your car’s cupholder. The retractable pads lock into your cupholder to give this mount a stable stay.

To top it all, the part that holds your phone comes with an in-built ball joint to give the user a 360 Degree rotation of the phone. This gives you a chance to land a perfect angle for use of your phone on the go.

You can click this link to see its price

WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder for Car Phone Mount Automobile Cradle Compatible with iPhone and Cell Phones

The first phone mount reviewed above could be challenging to install and some customers said that it couldn’t fit into their car’s cupholder.

Weather tech cuphone mount compensates for this deficiency. Its base is made up of 4 cups that are of varying sizes. These cups are inserted into each other to make the base bigger. To make the base smaller, you remove some of the cups. By doing this, you will e able to find the right diameter of the base that goes effortlessly into your car’s cupholder.

You can click this link to see the installation video of this product.

If you own a car that has a raised center console, then this is a perfect solution for you as it is short and compact.

KKM Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger, 15W Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

We talked of ventilation cups as some of the best car phone mount for thick cases.This very mount is among the best ventillation phone mount that fits the bill.

Not only is it exquisite but functionall as well. It opens up wide enough to accomodate thick cases.The holding pads also holds tightly onto your phone while observing the safety of your phone.

In addition to that, it also comes with a 15W wireless charging capacity. Not only that, it also auto clamps once you drop your phone into it. Saves you time!

The cramp mechanically cramps onto the ventilation cup blades. You can click this link to view the installation video.

Air Vent Phone Holder for Car,Miracase Vehicle Cell Phone Mount Cradle with Adjustable

This particular phone mount can accommodate a screen within the 2.1-4.05 inches range. It has got strong feet to hold up your phone and solid holding arms on the side for a tight grip, not to mention that the arms are adjustable too to allow the user to fit thick cases.

The clip hook cramps onto your car’s ventilation blade and to make the mount stable a spring clip plate together with a tightening nut is added. Heavy phones will do nothing to this mount, the designer warrants a sturdy secure mounting of your phone with this phone holder.


Click this link to view more specifications.

AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount

This one is gravity-activated. Once the phone lands onto the mount’s feet, it activates the locking mechanism. The holding arms are pushed upwards to reach your phone’s sides. They automatically cramp onto your phone once they reach them. Everything happens effortlessly.

Installation is easy too, the prong hook automatically launches onto your ventilation blade and stays stably there. Removing it is as easy as a simple pull and it is out within seconds.

Its design is minimalistic meaning that it will not block air from coming out your car’s vent.

When not in use, the mount retracts into a small neat, and compact accessory. It seats unnoticeably on your dash leaving it clean and decluttered.

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LISEN Magnetic Car Mount,[2021 Upgraded Clip] [Eagle Beak Design]Magnetic Phone Holder for Car 360°Rotate Vent Phone Holder 

8 super strong magnets increase the strength of this magnetic phone mount. This design can hold even the heaviest phones including tablets and GPS gadgets. It can hold up to a maximum of 8.0lb.

The cramping prong is carefully designed to ensure that it securely holds onto your car’s vents. It has an eagle beak structure that grabs strongly onto your car’s vent blades.

The ABS material used to manufacture this phone mount is strong and sturdy. This kind of material is durable meaning it can serve you for a long time.

Phones with thick cases need a magnetic phone mount since it doesn’t need holding arms to hold your phone.

You can view its price by clicking this link.

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