6 Best car phone holder for wallet case

Best car phone holder for wallet case
Phone Wallet Case

Phone wallet cases make the cell phone wider. Therefore, most phone mounts for cars would not comfortably hold your phone. You should look for mounts that open wider so that the phone and the wallet case can fit in. Another alternative is a magnetic mount that does not need to lock in your phone. We have prepared a list of the best car phone holder for wallet cases to help you out with the journey of getting an appropriate phone mount.

Here are the 6 Best car phone holders for a wallet case

AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount 2021 Upgrade 3-1 Gravity Auto Lock Phone Mount for Car

The beauty of this mount is how it opens up. It opens wide enough to accommodate phones with the thickest phone wallet cases

It uses gravity to close up and hold onto your phone.

Therefore no fumbling with tightening knobs.

When you lift the phone, the mount releases the phone. The grip however is super strong and is steady while you are driving.

The material making up this mount is solid rock as well.

The holding arms and feet have safety pads on their surface to protect your phone from possible scratches.

The retractable arm on this phone mount allows the user to move it forward or backward. It pivots at its base tooAll this motion gives the user multiple possible positions of using the phone.

Installing this mount is straightforward. It uses a suction mechanism to attach to your car’s dashboard. It comes with a sticky adhesive to complement the suction.

You can read this post to learn more on how to attach this kind of phone mount.

Additionally,this phone mount can be converted into a vent phone mount.It comes with a vent attachment accessory for this job.

You can click this link to see more specifications of the mount.

BESTRIX Phone Holder for Car, SmartClamp Car Phone Mount 

This is a conversation starter phone mount from BESTRIX. It has an exquisite design that will complement your cool dashboard.

Not only does it look cool but it also does what it promises-securing your phone for the whole journey.

This is a thick phone case-friendly mount. It opens wide enough to give room to even the widest iPhone or android phone. The opening is wide enough to fit even thick cases.

It uses gravitational pull in its locking mechanism to open and close. There is an internal spring that expands once your phone hits the mount’s feet. The spring then activates the locking arms which in the event grabs your phone.

The mount pivots at its base to allow you up and down movement of the phone mount.

The phone mount’s head also rotates to afford the user a portrait or landscape orientation.

Here is the link to this mount.

Car Phone Holder Mount, Beam Electronics Phone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle 

This is our best car phone holder for wallet cases. The reason we say so is that it gives you the opportunity to readjust the holding arms to the width that will accommodate your phone’s wallet case. It works with phones of width 3.7 or less.

Once you drop your phone onto this mount, you just do a simple push to the arms to lock in the phone.

This mount docks onto your vents. It has a ball joint too to allow you to have a 360 degrees angle rotation.

Click here to view its price.

Car Phone Holder Mount[Upgraded Clip]Phone Holder for Car [Ultra Stable] Air Vent Car Phone Mount

This mount utilizes a metal hook for clipping onto your car’s vent blades. This means that it will never break.

It also uses gravity to activate the locking of the mount once you place the phone on it. It opens up wide which means that it will accommodate even phones with a wallet case.

A ball joint in this car phone holder for the wallet case facilitates a 360-degree rotation to give you multiple angles for using your phone.

The mount has a soft landing base where your phone rests and cushion pads on the holding arms and feet to protect your phone from possible shock or scratches.

The good thing about this phone mount is that it works with all iPhone series.

Click here to view its current price.

VICSEED Car Phone Holder Mount, [Upgrade Doesn’t Slip & Drop] Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

This is another perfect phone holder for a wallet cases as it opens up wide too.

It works by way of the gravity concept for opening and locking in your phone.

It has a wide resting surface for your phone to prevent falling when driving on bumpy roads.

This mount sticks into the vents too. Installation of the mount takes no time too.

To make the phone holder sturdy, the manufacturer used thickened silicone to make it super solid.

Click this link to view its current price.

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