6 Best car mount for hot weather

Do you live in the southern part of the country where the weather is a little bit hot?

If so, you need the best car mount for hot weather. The reason is, ordinary phone mounts will come off their anchored positions when heat melts the adhesive or suction fails.

There are two options that will withstand even the highest degrees of the day.

Best car mount for hot weather

Here are the mounts

Why do we say that these two mounts are the Best car mount for hot weather? It is because they do not need adhesive or suction mechanism to stick to the surface.

Best cup holder phone holder for hot weather

WeatherTech CupFone with Extension, Cell Phone Holder for Car, Phone Mount

With this phone mount, you have multiple positions to use your phone. The mount has a retractable arm that you can peg at any height you feel comfortable. Once you find a suitable height, there is a knob to lock it in.

It has a joint that can swivel with a lock knob too.

The bottom part of this cup holder phone holder fits into any car’s cup holder.No worries about whether it is compatible with your car’s cup holder.

It is designed to also adapt to varying screen sizes(3.8 inches to around 4 inches). All new iPhones can fit into this mount comfortably. There is a knob behind the holder that is used to resize the holding part.

At 1.65 pounds, it is an easy gadget mount to handle. Installation is also very easy too. Just slot it into the cup holder and the cup holder holds it just like it would do to a cup.

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WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder for Car Phone Mount Automobile Cradle Compatible

The standing out feature of this phone mount is the ability to adapt to any car’s cup holder.

It comes with 4 cups that slot into each other. If your cup holder is small, you have to remove some cups to make this phone mount fit into your small cup holder. If you move into a bigger car with a larger cupholder, you can re-add the cups to make the mount’s base bigger to snugly into the cupholder.

Even on the roughest road, the mount remains intact and the phone securely in place.

This is among the best car mount for hot weather since no adhesives are needed for installation.

We can recommend this phone mount to those people who own posh vehicles such as the jeep, BMW, or Mercedes as it is short and fits well onto your already raised center console.

A number of buyers did complain about not being able to install the phone mount. We have come to realize that the reason that this mount won’t fit into their car’s cup holder is that they did not remove some of the cups on the mount to make its base smaller so that it can fit on their small cupholders. Click the following link to view the installation video on Amazon.

You can click this link to view it on Amazon.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder, [Upgraded Adjustable Gooseneck & Firmly Stable] Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car

TOPGO produces quality products and this one is no exception.

The holding part is built not to scratch your phone when you drop it into this dazzling phone holder. The arms that hold the phone come with a soft cushion affixed on each to further safeguard your phone. It can work with all new iPhone and Android screen sizes.

Behind the mount is a joint to facilitate a 360 Degree. The gooseneck adds functionality to it. More motions are facilitated by the flexible gooseneck(8 inches in length), you will not miss the ideal angle for using your phone.

Charging cable management has been put into consideration, there is a small opening at the bottom of the holding section to allow passage of the cables.

The design and outlook of the mount are exquisite and appealing to look at. It will be a cool accessory to add to your car dashboard.

This is actually the best car mount for hot weather due to its functionality and look.

Look at the base (the section that fits the cup holder) it has locks that hold onto the cupholder. These locks retract depending on the user need, this means that the gadget can easily work with any car’s phone holder.

Only have positive feedback, product description spot on fits my cup holder perfectly very sturdy, I have an iPhone 8 Plus so a little heavier than most phones but this holds it doesn’t even wobble when driving,
Just make sure you cup holder isn’t shallow – Amazon Buyer Review

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Best Ventilation phone holders for hot weather

iOttie Velox Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount Air Vent Phone Holder

We picked this phone mount because of its multiple functions. It has a magnetic holder, a wireless charger and can cramp onto the ventilation cup.

The only downside with this phone mount is that it only works with the MagSafe iPhone series and cases. But if you own this type of phone, this is top of a class phone mount to use in hot weather.

The mount holds onto the vent steadily and won’t block the ventilation. It will charge your phone on the go as well; up to 7.5W of wireless charge.

Mounting is magnetic meaning no adhesives or suction that come off under extremely hot temperatures.

The magnet is super strong as well to do the job of docking the phone on the dashboard perfectly.

The ball joint affords you a full 360 Degree rotation to give you a different view angle all the time.

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Air Vent Phone Holder for Car,Miracase Vehicle Cell Phone Mount Cradle

When the weather hits high degrees, the phone mounts on the windscreen or dashboard most like will come off.

A ventilation phone holder is an ideal alternative.

This particular phone mount will cramp strongly on a single blade on your ventilation cup. It has a soft landing for your phone coupled with soft padding on the ears that actually hold your phone.

The material making up this phone mount is super solid to give your smartphone a sturdy grip. A ball joint, just like other mounts above gives you a cool 360 Degrees twist.

A quick-release button enables you to grab your phone when you want to dash out of your car in a hurry.

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Humixx Phone Mount for Car Vent Clip [Military-Grade Stability & Anti-Drop] Car Phone Holder Mount 

This phone mount is similar to the one above but one thing set it apart. It has two leaves at the cramp section that are meant to stabilize the mount on the blades. Once the prong(0.98 inches long) holds onto one blade the leaves that are on both sides of prong seat on the blades that are now on either side of the prong. This gives the phone mount unmatched stability.

The ball joint gives you a 360 Degrees rotation. Installation and undocking is a simple push or pulls of the mount.

This particular phone mount however will not work with round ventilation, unfortunately!

You can check out this mount on Amazon by clicking here.

 If you want the best car mount for use in hot climate,you really have to stay away from phone mounts that stick on to your dashboard or windscreen.Our suggestion of the car mounts for hot weather above work all the time be it in cold or hot weather. 

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