4 best ATV phone mount

ATV riding involves a lot of rumbling on your handlebars as most of the time you use it off-road. That means you will require the best ATV phone mount to withstand these conditions. That said, we have prepared a list of top phone mounts to serve your holding needs better.

Best ATV phone mount

Best ATV phone mounts

A revew of the top ATV phone mounts

12V Motorcycle QC3.0 USB Qi Wireless Charger Mount Holder Stand for Cellphone 32CB

For a sturdy grip and minimal trembling, this is the best phone mount option for your ATV.

It has four contact points that hold all four corners of your phone. This kind of structure prevents your phone from slipping.

It has a quad lock mechanism. Once engaged, it gives your phone a super firm grip.

12Volts wireless charging is a feature that you would like on your phone mount. When out in the fields you do not want to run out of power. You want to keep recording and taking pictures all day long as you drive through.

What about phone sizes handling?

This phone mount comes with two mounting units. One can be used to attach to the ATV handlebar or you can use the second one to attach the phone mount to the side mirror.

The ball joint can rotate a full 360 degrees to allow you to position your phone at the most convenient angle for you.

Well, this one can adapt to varying screen sizes in the ranges of between 3.5 to 6.4 inches.

Installation of this holder is straightforward. You just need to screw the mount onto your ATV handlebar.

You can click this link to purchase this elegant device.

Baseus Bike Phone Holder Universal Motorcycle Bicycle Phone Holder Handlebar Stand Mount Bracket Mount

To ensure that this phone mount firmly holds on to your ATV handlebar, it has a double locking factor. First, you screw it in, then you press the mechanical lock.

With such a kind of mounting mechanism, this ensures the smartphone seats snugly even on rough rides.

The part that holds the phone is easy to remove and lock in whenever need be. It also has tensile springs that hold strongly onto the phone. The springs can extend to adapt to different smartphone sizes. So do not worry about coming from your house with a different phone every day.

With this phone mount, the phone controls and screen are not blocked and therefore, it is super easy to access all phone controls as you race.

It is easy to switch your phone orientation from portrait to landscape as it has an adjustable ball joint that makes move a full 360 Degrees.

This is the best ATV phone mount on our list.

Bicycle Phone Holder CNC Motorcycle Handlebar Mobilephone Support Aluminum Alloy 360 Rotation MTB Road Bike Mount Accessories

A metallic phone mount means that you will have a solid rock phone grip on your rides.

This is an aluminum phone mount that will last you days on end. It has a screwing knob that you use to fasten your smartphone onto this mount.

It can extend to accommodate different sizes of phone widths as well. It doesn’t hide your controls as well.

You will be amazed that this phone mount rotates 360 degrees. This gives you an opportunity to position your phone in either a horizontal or vertical position.

Metal Bicycle Phone Holder Bike Motorcycle Handlebar Clip Stand For iPhone X 11 8 7 Mount Cell Phone Holder Bracket Support

This is another strong holder. It is metallic and has moving parts. It has a knob for tightening your phone onto the holder.

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