7 Best Cell Phone holders for Mercedes Benz

The 7 Best Cell Phone holders for Mercedes Benz

Auto technology has come a long way since the launch of in-car Bluetooth integration during the late 1990s. Nowadays, you can use your mobile phone hands-free in your Mercedes Benz, in part due to wireless integration. Also, the best Cell Phone holders for Mercedes Benz provide a platform to use your device while on the road.

Best Cell Phone Holders For Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has always been a leader in the auto scene. Ever since they invented the automobile, Daimler has pioneered significant technology in modern cars.

As such, if you’re looking for a phone holder for your Geländewagen, A-class, B-class, E-class, C-class, E-Class, Mercedes c300, or Mercedes GLC 300, only get the best cell phone holder for Mercedes Benz. And what’s so special about these gadgets? This review will take a look at seven of the best holders you need.

1.      MPOW Universal Car Phone Holder

The Mercedes brand stands out among other carmakers especially the E-Class, and the onus is on you to treat it as such. MPOW is similarly a reliable brand that specializes in different car mounts. If you want something that fits with the plush Mercedes S-class, B-class, C-class, or E-class interiors, MPOW ticks the right boxes.

Get this Mercedes phone holder car phone holder in black, and the holder pleasantly blends in with your E-class’ sweeping dashboard. MPOW’s design ranks it as one of the best cell phone holders for Mercedes Benz models.

The holder has a suction mechanism to hold your device steadily on the dash as you stray off the beaten path. Furthermore, the suction pad doesn’t leave a mark once pulled off.

There is a swivel ball fitted inside that allows your phone a 360⁰ rotation. Additionally, a telescopic arm extends to 6.6in from the holder giving you the convenience of the holder while keeping your eyes on the road. Also, you don’t have to fuss over your super-sized device as this holder can house phones as large as 6in.   

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2.      Auto-Clamping Air Vent Phone Holder

Wouldn’t you love to have your phone fully charged when arriving at your destination? Most phone holders only secure your phone but the auto-clamping air vent phone holder has a reliable wireless charging capability.

The holder is fitted with a trio of power output configurations to suit different smartphone platforms. Remember, the charger is wireless, complementing Mercedes’ clutter-free interior design. You can charge various iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models cable-free.

Mercedes Benz cars have stylish interiors. Any add-ons you plan to get for your E-class or any other Mercedes class should mirror the car’s design. Hence the auto-clamping air Mercedes phone holder is one of the best cell phone holders for Mercedes Benz.

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3.      Universal Car Vent Gravity Phone Holder

The G-wagon is the pinnacle of all-terrain vehicles, and you need the Universal car vent gravity phone holder to keep your phone in place on rough roads. It is small enough, and as it only extends 11cm wide and 10cm high, this holder won’t obstruct your view while driving.

If you’re an off-road junkie, then you’ll want a robust phone holder as you stray off the beaten path. This Mercedes Benz phone holder also fits most air vents and holds phones as large as 6in for anyone in love with mega-sized screens. Also, the holder can rotate 360⁰, allowing unlimited access to your phone as you frolic off-road.

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4.      Lucky Cat Car Phone Holder

While this phone holder doesn’t exude the confidence and bold approach familiar with Mercedes Benz models, it still is functional and downright adorable.

The Lucky Cat car phone holder is compatible with many smartphones and can secure wider devices like iPads. The magnetic element used to hold your device in place won’t affect your mobile signal when you want to call or use the updated MBUX infotainment system for navigation.

This Mercedes phone holder attaches to your car’s dashboard using any decent adhesive. Once stuck on the surface, you’ll be hard-pressed to make it fall even if you use your Benz on all-terrain roads.

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5.      Magnetic Suction Cup Car Phone Holder

The C-class is a wonderfully designed car and one of Mercedes’ most popular models. It is not a large car, and unlike the S-class, it has limited interior space. So for a phone holder for the Mercedes C300, you need a compact gadget that is still functional like the Magnetic suction cup car phone holder.

The suction cup car phone holder is easy to install and take off and complements the C300’s tidy interior. The suction mechanism attaches to your car’s dash and has a magnetic pad that holds on to your phone.

Being a compact car, you don’t have a wealth of interior space in the C300. This mercedes phone holder is highly adjustable with a sliding design and fitted with an adjusting ball. You’re going to love this holder’s fluidity which makes it the best phone holder for Mercedes C-class models.

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6.      Mobile Phone Holder Stand

The Mercedes Benz GLC crossover has a comfortable cabin, plenty of wood finish inside, and looks and feels classy. Your Mercedes GLC300 cell phone holder shouldn’t fall short of elegance.

The mobile phone holder stand looks like it belongs inside a Merc. It has a metal and ABS construction that blends well with your GLC’s wooden interior. The tiny holder has five support points that secure your phone even as you venture off-road.

While this mercedes phone holder might seem small, you can extend it down as you open and fit phones as large as 6in. The holder goes inside your car’s air vent ad will fit most Merc models including your GLC300.

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7.      Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle

The new E-class has a sweeping interior design with a pair of infotainment screens. With all these panels, there isn’t much room on the dash to attach your phone holder.

Nevertheless, this Adjustable gooseneck cup holder cradle sits neatly in the cup holders below the infotainment screen. The holder doesn’t distract your drive, and you’ll still maintain focus on the road.

The gooseneck holder has a weighted bottom that keeps the entire setup upright. The holder has an ABS construction that is long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

It is the best phone holder for Mercedes E-class owners and its name points to its literal gooseneck. The stand can rotate 360⁰, affording you access to your device at any angle. The device can also fit phones as wide as 3.15” and 6.7” long.

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Getting a Merc is fulfilling but you will always need to integrate your smartphone into the car. What better way to do so than using the best cell phone holders for Mercedes Benz? The seven holders here are classy, functional, and will wrap around most standard-sized screens. These are actually the Best Cell Phone holders for Mercedes Benz you can ever settle for out there. Make a point of ordering one now through the buy buttons above.

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