6 Best Cell Phone Holders For Bed

6 of the Best Cell Phone Holders For Bed

Smartphones are growing to be fundamental to our daily lives. We use our devices for a myriad of tasks from communicating with loved ones, getting on with work, and even for entertainment. As such, the number of cell phone users continues to rise every year.

Even at home, we cannot let go of our handhelds for long and are willing to take them to bed. To use the devices in our bedrooms, we need a solid mount that allows us continued usage without straining. The Best Cell Phone Holders For Bed use are tailored to allow us unlimited usage of our phones even as we rest.

Best Cell Phone Holders For Bed

Are you looking to secure your smartphone and keep up with that Netflix series in bed? These six holders have everything you need.

1.      CARPRIE Flexible 360 Clip Mobile Cell Phone Holder

Are you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary holder, with a splash of color? Then CARPRIE’s mobile cell phone holder will suit you.

The holder is a neat little thing you can attach to your bed. It allows you to use your iPhone as you lie on your bed. It has a pair of clippers one of which holds your phone in place. The other is a sturdy mechanism that keeps the setup secure so that you can use the device at home, in the office, and even while working out.

Its 70 cm long flexible arm can be contorted and adjusted to suit your viewing. A 360⁰ adjustment is possible with the arm. The holder also has a swivel ball behind the phone holder so that you can achieve both vertical and horizontal watching.

2.      Universal Lazy Phone Holder

When choosing a phone holder for your bedside, simplicity is essential. You don’t want to contend with clutter as you’re trying to enjoy your rest. That’s why the Universal Lazy Phone Holder ranks as one of the best mobile phone stands for bed.

The gizmo features an incredible 70cm arm that’s longer than the competition. It is made from PVC, and its flexibility is unmatched. This arm allows you unrestricted viewing angles at a distance. You can also contort the cell phone holder while lying down and enjoy your mobile phone in this position.

The holder will fit a wide range of devices and tablets as large as 10 inches. It also has an allowance for your charger so that you can enjoy unlimited phone usage while connected to a power source.

3.      Greatlizard Flexible Mobile Phone Holder Hanging Neck

Greatlizard is recognized for in-car phone holders. The company also designs good-looking phone holders for your bedside usage and the Flexible Mobile Phone Holder Hanging Neck is quite a beauty.

The holder has a fascinating operating mechanism that allows you to use it lying down, standing, or even while seated. The holder has a lengthier arm that goes around your neck and frees your hands to do other things.

The curved arm is made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy and is wrapped over foam cotton. The material makes it comfortable while using, and even if you are in bed, you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing the holder.

It will secure iPhones as large as 6inches and keep them 10cm from your face for a comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, the holder is multifunctional and can be used as a selfie stick, in-car phone mount, and table mount. You only need to adjust the arms accordingly and remove the neck opening. According to a number of our customers, this one stands out as one of the best cell phone holders for beds.

4.      360° Rotation Lazy Holder

Get yourself this simple-looking cell phone holder for bed and use your phone as much as you want. The 360° Rotation Lazy Holder is a straight-to-the-point holder that’ll have you consuming content even in bed.

The mount is composed of a 60cm PVC pipe. Also, the arm can rotate through 360° and allows you unlimited viewing angles. Additionally, an attachment bracket is fixed on the end of the pipe. This bracket can hold both phones and tablets with ease with device sizes ranging from 4 inches up to 10 inches. It has a soft lining that prevents your iPhone and iPad from scratching.

The phone clip holder for the bed is held steady with a robust base. It is easy to attach and can clip the end on your bedside stool or table. This phone mount is easy to use with its series of clippers, one for your phone and the other making up the base.

This is one of the best cell phone holders for beds as its arm can twist in multiple directions so you can find the perfect viewing angle.

5.      OBSHI Flexible Long Arm Mobile Phone Tablet Holder:Best Cell Phone Holders for bed in this list.

OBSHI is a recognized brand that socializes phone mounts. The Flexible Long Arms Mobile Phone Tablet Holder is a sturdy holder that will fulfill your phone usage needs even as you lie in bed.

It has an extraordinary longer arm (27 inches) made from steel. Unlike other plastic mounts, this one will last you a lifetime. The phone holder is compatible with many devices, and you can slip in your tablet in there for an ultimate media experience. The metallic frame also allows you to attach heftier devices.

The arm has three joints along its length, allowing you to adjust your viewing angles with ease. Also, the holder is held in place with a sizeable 6cm locking mechanism.

6.      Centechia Universal Table Desk Mobile Phone Holder

A simple design ensures Centechia’s holder gives you an enjoyable viewing experience. This holder ultimately satisfies your phone and tablet holder requirements.

The mobile phone stand for beds has an aluminum alloy construction and is available in silver and black. This makes it look sophisticated on your bedside table or even desk. It is easy to use and you only place your device in the stand. The mount is perfect for either phone or tablet usage.

The Centechia Universal Table Desk Mobile Phone Holder comes equipped with two adjustable viewing modes; telescopic and standard. In the former, the holder tilts back up to 45⁰, giving you a relaxed viewing experience. You can revert to the standard mode easily to keep things upright.

When checking out phone mounts, consider the material used and a design that will suit your viewing. Plastic holders do not have the same lifespan as metallic ones but PVC arms allow you a greater degree of flexibility. Ultimately, there is no single ideal phone holder and the six examples discussed here represent the best phone holders for bed.

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