10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts

Top 10 Magnetic Car Mounts

You don’t want to be a driver who keeps fiddling with their phone. It’s distracting and increases your chances of causing an accident. But our phones are incredibly intertwined with our lives. It’s an uphill task putting these nifty devices down.

Luckily, there are in-car phone mounts that make it easier to drive and stay updated with what’s going on with our handsets. Magnetic mounts stick onto the back of your phone with a magnet. The best magnetic car mounts are easy to use, keeps your device upright, and makes it easy to view.

best magnetic car mount

If you want a seamless way to enjoy your drive and still keep in touch with friends and family, these magnetic car mounts have got you covered.

1.      LESHP Mobile Phone Magnetic Holder

Arguably the simplest of all magnetic mounts, the LESHP Mobile Phone Magnetic Holder, will make you question buying bulky cell phone holders for your car. It weighs a mere 26 grams and without the phone attached, you’ll hardly notice it.

It is one of the best magnetic car mounts because of its discreet size. But don’t disregard the holder because it comes packed with four-grain magnets and one magnetic sheet. Even if you have the mega iPhone 11, this nifty gizmo will keep your phone in place even if you are on rougher terrain.

This holder is circular and has a soft silicone surface that prevents your iPhone from collecting scratches. Also, the phone mount allows you to adjust your phone’s view as you drive.

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2.      OBSHI Car Phone Holder

OBSHI is no stranger to in-car phone mounts, and their Magnetic Car Phone Holder is one of the best magnetic car mount for iPhone 11 pro max on the market. The support looks nicely minimalistic, is easy to use, and functional.

This cell phone holder is made from ABS material and appeals to the environmental conservationist inside you. The magnet is sturdy and will hold iPhones up to 6inches wide. Any larger and you’ll have problems while driving off the beaten path.

The mount goes on the car’s center console and keeps your phone within your line of sight. So even while driving, you have an unobstructed view of both the road and anything ongoing in your cell. This holder comes in neutral black and will blend in with most car interiors.

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3.      Greatlizard Car Phone Holder

The Greatlizard Car Phone Holder is a sophisticated looking magnetic car mount. It comes with suction cups that attach to any flat surface inside your car. Suction cups are better suited as they don’t leave behind adhesive residues on your dash or windscreen.

This mount holds four sturdy rubidium magnets that stick onto your phone keeping it in place. It has a straightforward operating mechanism. Simply attach the suction cups onto your dash and your cellphone onto the magnet.

There is a sliding mechanism for your phone in addition to a rotating ball joint. These two allow you to customize your viewing experience and make it the best magnetic car mount for iPhone while driving.

The suction cups can also go on your windshield if you wish. Remember, if these cups wear out over time, you can quickly rinse with warm water and they’ll be good to go. There are a pair of metal plates alongside the mount which you can fit inside your phone cover.

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4.      Digrepair Mobile Phone Stand

Magnetic car mounts are commonly small-sized holders. They have a minimalistic feel, and you’ll hardly notice them once you take off your cell phone. Digrepair’s Mobile Phone Stand looks small but will hold your sizeable iPhone11 and 11 pro max models.

The mount has a pleasant viewing angle that’s in line with your line of sight. Keeping your focus on driving is critical and this magnetic car mount ensures that. Also, there are a pair of hinges that allow you to adjust how you want to view your smartphone.

It is a stable phone holder and has a lowered center of gravity. The attaching surface is cushioned with rubber so that the back of your phone stays smooth.

The holder is made from ABS and will last you a lifetime. It also comes in a variety of colors for you to match with your car’s interior space. The base is held in place by a strong adhesive, which will withstand heftier devices even if you’re off-roading.

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5.      LESHP Magnetic Universal Car Phone Mount

The LESHP Magnetic Universal Car Phone Mount is a neatly designed cell phone holder. It is pretty small and will occupy a small section of your car’s dashboard, vent, or windshield.

That’s right; you can place this mount pretty much anywhere in your car. It has a suction cup base that sticks on most flat surfaces inside your vehicle. Even if you prefer the cell phone holder on your windscreen, it is small enough and won’t distract you as you’re driving.

Additionally, since it uses suction to attach, you won’t have to contend with glue residues that dirty your interior. The entire setup is made from hard plastic and is quite durable.

The phone mount comes with a pair of iron pieces that you can place inside your phone case. The accompanying magnet is pleasantly firm and securely holds on to your iPhone.

This is one of the best magnetic car mounts in our store.

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6.      Eshowee Cat Phone Holder

Magnetic phone mounts are rather bland and unnoticeable in your car’s interior. But the Eshowee Cat Phone Holder goes against the grain and gives your vehicle some life.

You can get this mount in a bright red hue that will stand out in the vehicle. The holder has a suction mechanism holding it down on your car’s dash. The magnetic surface on the ‘cat’s face’ holds a wide range of iPhones in place.

The suction cup allows you a bit of freedom when placing this mount in your car. You can attach it to your dash, the center console, or even your windscreen depending on your preference.

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7.      Cargod Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Get yourself this minimalistic Universal magnetic car phone holder and forget about other bulky phone mounts. It is relatively small, and your phone might be significantly larger. However, the support has a sturdy magnet in place that ensures your handheld stays put while on a drive.

This magnetic phone mount has a bold shield design on its magnetic surface, which you’ll fall in love with. Also, it has a suction cup at its base for attaching to your car. You can easily place it where the surface is flat.

There is a ball joint right behind the magnetic surface. This allows you an adjustable viewing experience as you drive.

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8.      QI Standard Magnetic Car Phone Wireless Charger

Phone mounts equipped with charging capabilities allow you to drive without worrying about your phone dying off. The QI Standard Magnetic car phone wireless charger has a wireless charging pad in addition to a magnet for holding your device in place.

The mount goes into your car’s air vent, and you will hardly break a sweat trying to fit it. Despite the magnet in place, your phone charging is not affected and is rapid as well. With a compatible iPhone, you’re going to enjoy driving as your phone receives a much-needed power boost.

It is made from top-grade ABS material that is not only long-lasting but also makes an attractive phone mount. A ball joint in place allows you to utilize the 360⁰ rotation and adjust your viewing angles to suit your driving.

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9.      LESHP Magnetic Phone Mount Stand For Smartphones And Tablets

The fashionable LESHP Magnetic Phone Mount Stand for smartphones and tablets keeps your phone in place and doesn’t affect your driving. This neat phone mount is made from the highest quality ABS and aluminum alloy and is unreservedly one of the best magnetic car mounts.

This holder goes into your car’s air vent. It has a sturdy clip that attaches to the vent’s flaps and keeps the setup secure and upright.

There is a set of rubidium magnets behind a silicone pad. This material preserves your iPhone’s backside from scratches and rightly ranks it as the best magnetic car mount for iPhones.

The rubidium magnets are quite sturdy and can handle large devices up to 7 inches wide. The phone mount is relatively small, and you can easily attach it with one hand.

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10. Magnetic Shield Shape Phone Holder

Get this stylish shield-shaped magnetic car mount for your iPhone, and you’ll never have to bother with bulky cell phone holders. It is a tiny gizmo but doesn’t let its stature fool you. It is quite robust and will haul a lot more weight than you can imagine.

The magnetic shield shape phone holder is small enough to fit in the unlikeliest of places. You don’t have to attach it to your car’s dash but your center console is a likely location. The suction cup allows you to stick it onto any flat surface.

The backside of the shield has a ball joint that enables 360⁰ rotation. Even as you drive, easily adjust the view of your phone for a comfortable experience on the road.

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How to choose the best magnetic car mounts for your vehicle.

When selecting your next magnetic car mount, you need to consider a lot more than the magnet strength. Remember, you need to keep your focus squarely on the road, so the mount position also counts. The mount’s ease of use is a significant factor when determining the best magnetic car mount to buy.

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