Reasons why you need a phone holder in your car

Here are the 4 probable reasons why you really need a phone holder in your car.

Road Safety

If you want to reach home or at work safely, you will have to put all of your attention on the road to avoid possible accidents e.g hitting a car or a person when you are not looking and are on your phone instead.

A phone holder takes up the responsibility of holding your phone for you as you drive. You only need to anchor it in a position suitable for you to give it a quick look, maybe when you are using a GPS or picking a call. (Do not SMS when you are driving)

A cupholder phone holder is the most recommended phone mount as it securely holds your phone and stays solid on the cupholder.

Phone Safety

Your phone hits the floor of your car, breaks the screen, internal electronics get distorted and your expensive phone gets irreparable damages. You would not want this to happen to your phone.

Having your phone anchored on a phone holder ensures that your phone is secure(no falling) even when off-roading.

Phone holders are also built to prevent phone scratches.

Handfree phone usage

You want a simple driving experience, then you need a phone holder in your car. Most online searches including GPS locations can be done using voice. Even answering and making a call can all be done by a simple voice command to your smartphone.

When driving, you do not need to constantly interact with your phone, or things may go south without notice.

With your phone being attached to a steady phone mount, you just need to make voice commands to your hands while all your attention is directed to the road ahead.

Comply with local regulations

Different countries have varying regulations when it comes to smartphone usage in your phone.

What we know is that most of these countries allow the usage of a phone in your car while driving only when you are using a phone holder.

Here is the link to the USA road safety regulations

Do magnetic phone holders work with a case?

How magnets work on phone cases
A Magnet

Magnetic fields penetrate even solid material e.g. wood or plastic and even leather cases. Depending on the strength of the magnet used, the magnetic field will penetrate even the thickest material. This means that magnetic phone holders will work with the phone case.

The magnetic phone holder comes with a metal plate that you put between the battery and its cover. This is what the magnets in your phone holder get attracted to. Even if you wrap your phone with a wallet case or normal phone case, magnetic fields will still permeate through the case as well as the battery cover.

So, do not worry about whether the Magnetic phone holder will or will not work with your thick phone case.

So long as you purchase a magnetic phone holder that has strong magnets, it will do a good job of firmly holding your phone.

Check out this post to learn more about magnetic phone holders.

6 Best car phone holder for wallet case

Best car phone holder for wallet case
Phone Wallet Case

Phone wallet cases make the cell phone wider. Therefore, most phone mounts for cars would not comfortably hold your phone. You should look for mounts that open wider so that the phone and the wallet case can fit in. Another alternative is a magnetic mount that does not need to lock in your phone. We have prepared a list of the best car phone holder for wallet cases to help you out with the journey of getting an appropriate phone mount.

Here are the 6 Best car phone holders for a wallet case

AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount 2021 Upgrade 3-1 Gravity Auto Lock Phone Mount for Car

The beauty of this mount is how it opens up. It opens wide enough to accommodate phones with the thickest phone wallet cases

It uses gravity to close up and hold onto your phone.

Therefore no fumbling with tightening knobs.

When you lift the phone, the mount releases the phone. The grip however is super strong and is steady while you are driving.

The material making up this mount is solid rock as well.

The holding arms and feet have safety pads on their surface to protect your phone from possible scratches.

The retractable arm on this phone mount allows the user to move it forward or backward. It pivots at its base tooAll this motion gives the user multiple possible positions of using the phone.

Installing this mount is straightforward. It uses a suction mechanism to attach to your car’s dashboard. It comes with a sticky adhesive to complement the suction.

You can read this post to learn more on how to attach this kind of phone mount.

Additionally,this phone mount can be converted into a vent phone mount.It comes with a vent attachment accessory for this job.

You can click this link to see more specifications of the mount on Amazon.

BESTRIX Phone Holder for Car, SmartClamp Car Phone Mount 

This is a conversation starter phone mount from BESTRIX. It has an exquisite design that will complement your cool dashboard.

Not only does it look cool but it also does what it promises-securing your phone for the whole journey.

This is a thick phone case-friendly mount. It opens wide enough to give room to even the widest iPhone or android phone. The opening is wide enough to fit even thick cases.

It uses gravitational pull in its locking mechanism to open and close. There is an internal spring that expands once your phone hits the mount’s feet. The spring then activates the locking arms which in the event grabs your phone.

The mount pivots at its base to allow you up and down movement of the phone mount.

The phone mount’s head also rotates to afford the user a portrait or landscape orientation.

Here is the link to this mount on amazon.

Car Phone Holder Mount, Beam Electronics Phone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle 

This is our best car phone holder for wallet cases. The reason we say so is that it gives you the opportunity to readjust the holding arms to the width that will accommodate your phone’s wallet case. It works with phones of width 3.7 or less.

Once you drop your phone onto this mount, you just do a simple push to the arms to lock in the phone.

This mount docks onto your vents. It has a ball joint too to allow you to have a 360 degrees angle rotation.

Click here to view its price.

Car Phone Holder Mount[Upgraded Clip]Phone Holder for Car [Ultra Stable] Air Vent Car Phone Mount

This mount utilizes a metal hook for clipping onto your car’s vent blades. This means that it will never break.

It also uses gravity to activate the locking of the mount once you place the phone on it. It opens up wide which means that it will accommodate even phones with a wallet case.

A ball joint in this car phone holder for the wallet case facilitates a 360-degree rotation to give you multiple angles for using your phone.

The mount has a soft landing base where your phone rests and cushion pads on the holding arms and feet to protect your phone from possible shock or scratches.

The good thing about this phone mount is that it works with all iPhone series.

Click here to view its current price.

VICSEED Car Phone Holder Mount, [Upgrade Doesn’t Slip & Drop] Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

This is another perfect phone holder for wallet case as it opens up wide too.

It works by way of the gravity concept for opening and locking in your phone.

It has a wide resting surface for your phone to prevent falling when driving on bumpy roads.

This mount sticks into the vents too. Installation of the mount takes no time too.

To make the phone holder sturdy, the manufacturer used a thickened silicone to make it super solid.

Click this link to view its current price.

6 Best car phone mount for thick cases

best car phone mount for thick cases
Magnetic phone mount for thick cases

When we talk of the best car phone mount for thick cases, windscreen phone mounts and dashboard phone mounts do not count. Phones with thick phone cases are basically heavy, more weight makes phone mounts attached to the windscreen or the dashboard surface come off. So, stay away from them.

We however advise you to use the following type of phone mounts if you use thick phone cases.

This article goes into great length of analyzing some of the best car phone mounts for thick cases that are functional.

6 best car phone mount for thick cases

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder for Car, Car Cup Holder Phone Mount Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle Car Mount

This elegant well-crafted phone mount would be a wonderful addition to your car’s accessory arsenal. Besides being appealing, it is functional too.

Cupholder phone holders are very sturdy and guarantee a firm grip on the phone. This phone mount meets these features 100%.

When looking for the best car phone mount for thick cases, you will have to look for a phone mount that opens up a wider width in order to accommodate your phone screen. This particular phone mount holding area is wide and the arms are engineered to adapt to varying screen sizes(2.01′ – 3.54′ wide devices). A thick case will definitely make your phone wider. With this phone mount, you are sorted.

The holding arms are retractable and can adjust to screen sizes in the range indicated above. The arms also have soft cushions that warrant the safety of your phone. This design protects your phone from external shock.

The mount anchors into your car’s cupholder. The retractable pads lock into your cupholder to give this mount a stable stay.

To top it all, the part that holds your phone comes with an in-built ball joint to give the user a 360 Degree rotation of the phone. This gives you a chance to land a perfect angle for use of your phone on the go.

You can click this link to see its price

WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder for Car Phone Mount Automobile Cradle Compatible with iPhone and Cell Phones

The first phone mount reviewed above could be challenging to install and some customers said that it couldn’t fit into their car’s cupholder.

Weather tech cuphone mount compensates for this deficiency. Its base is made up of 4 cups that are of varying sizes. These cups are inserted into each other to make the base bigger. To make the base smaller, you remove some of the cups. By doing this, you will e able to find the right diameter of the base that goes effortlessly into your car’s cupholder.

You can click this link to see the installation video of this product.

If you own a car that has a raised center console, then this is a perfect solution for you as it is short and compact.

KKM Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger, 15W Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

We talked of ventilation cups as some of the best car phone mount for thick cases.This very mount is among the best ventillation phone mount that fits the bill.

Not only is it exquisite but functionall as well. It opens up wide enough to accomodate thick cases.The holding pads also holds tightly onto your phone while observing the safety of your phone.

In addition to that, it also comes with a 15W wireless charging capacity. Not only that, it also auto clamps once you drop your phone into it. Saves you time!

The cramp mechanically cramps onto the ventilation cup blades. You can click this link to view the installation video.

Air Vent Phone Holder for Car,Miracase Vehicle Cell Phone Mount Cradle with Adjustable

This particular phone mount can accommodate a screen within the 2.1-4.05 inches range. It has got strong feet to hold up your phone and solid holding arms on the side for a tight grip, not to mention that the arms are adjustable too to allow the user to fit thick cases.

The clip hook cramps onto your car’s ventilation blade and to make the mount stable a spring clip plate together with a tightening nut is added. Heavy phones will do nothing to this mount, the designer warrants a sturdy secure mounting of your phone with this phone holder.


Click this link to view more specifications.

AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount

This one is gravity-activated. Once the phone lands onto the mount’s feet, it activates the locking mechanism. The holding arms are pushed upwards to reach your phone’s sides. They automatically cramp onto your phone once they reach them. Everything happens effortlessly.

Installation is easy too, the prong hook automatically launches onto your ventilation blade and stays stably there. Removing it is as easy as a simple pull and it is out within seconds.

Its design is minimalistic meaning that it will not block air from coming out your car’s vent.

When not in use, the mount retracts into a small neat, and compact accessory. It seats unnoticeably on your dash leaving it clean and decluttered.

Click this link to see it on Amazon.

LISEN Magnetic Car Mount,[2021 Upgraded Clip] [Eagle Beak Design]Magnetic Phone Holder for Car 360°Rotate Vent Phone Holder 

8 super strong magnets increase the strength of this magnetic phone mount. This design can hold even the heaviest phones including tablets and GPS gadgets. It can hold up to a maximum of 8.0lb.

The cramping prong is carefully designed to ensure that it securely holds onto your car’s vents. It has an eagle beak structure that grabs strongly onto your car’s vent blades.

The ABS material used to manufacture this phone mount is strong and sturdy. This kind of material is durable meaning it can serve you for a long time.

Phones with thick cases need a magnetic phone mount since it doesn’t need holding arms to hold your phone.

You can view its price by clicking this link.

6 Best car mount for hot weather

Do you live in the southern part of the country where the weather is a little bit hot?

If so, you need the best car mount for hot weather. The reason is, ordinary phone mounts will come off their anchored positions when heat melts the adhesive or suction fails.

There are two options that will withstand even the highest degrees of the day.

Best car mount for hot weather

Here are the mounts

Why do we say that these two mounts are the Best car mount for hot weather? It is because they do not need adhesive or suction mechanism to stick to the surface.

Best cup holder phone holder for hot weather

WeatherTech CupFone with Extension, Cell Phone Holder for Car, Phone Mount

With this phone mount, you have multiple positions to use your phone. The mount has a retractable arm that you can peg at any height you feel comfortable. Once you find a suitable height, there is a knob to lock it in.

It has a joint that can swivel with a lock knob too.

The bottom part of this cup holder phone holder fits into any car’s cup holder.No worries about whether it is compatible with your car’s cup holder.

It is designed to also adapt to varying screen sizes(3.8 inches to around 4 inches). All new iPhones can fit into this mount comfortably. There is a knob behind the holder that is used to resize the holding part.

At 1.65 pounds, it is an easy gadget mount to handle. Installation is also very easy too. Just slot it into the cup holder and the cup holder holds it just like it would do to a cup.

Click here to view it Amazon

WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder for Car Phone Mount Automobile Cradle Compatible

The standing out feature of this phone mount is the ability to adapt to any car’s cup holder.

It comes with 4 cups that slot into each other. If your cup holder is small, you have to remove some cups to make this phone mount fit into your small cup holder. If you move into a bigger car with a larger cupholder, you can re-add the cups to make the mount’s base bigger to snugly into the cupholder.

Even on the roughest road, the mount remains intact and the phone securely in place.

This is among the best car mount for hot weather since no adhesives are needed for installation.

We can recommend this phone mount to those people who own posh vehicles such as the jeep, BMW, or Mercedes as it is short and fits well onto your already raised center console.

A number of buyers did complain about not being able to install the phone mount. We have come to realize that the reason that this mount won’t fit into their car’s cup holder is that they did not remove some of the cups on the mount to make its base smaller so that it can fit on their small cupholders. Click the following link to view the installation video on Amazon.

You can click this link to view it on Amazon.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder, [Upgraded Adjustable Gooseneck & Firmly Stable] Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car

TOPGO produces quality products and this one is no exception.

The holding part is built not to scratch your phone when you drop it into this dazzling phone holder. The arms that hold the phone come with a soft cushion affixed on each to further safeguard your phone. It can work with all new iPhone and Android screen sizes.

Behind the mount is a joint to facilitate a 360 Degree. The gooseneck adds functionality to it. More motions are facilitated by the flexible gooseneck(8 inches in length), you will not miss the ideal angle for using your phone.

Charging cable management has been put into consideration, there is a small opening at the bottom of the holding section to allow passage of the cables.

The design and outlook of the mount are exquisite and appealing to look at. It will be a cool accessory to add to your car dashboard.

This is actually the best car mount for hot weather due to its functionality and look.

Look at the base (the section that fits the cup holder) it has locks that hold onto the cupholder. These locks retract depending on the user need, this means that the gadget can easily work with any car’s phone holder.

Only have positive feedback, product description spot on fits my cup holder perfectly very sturdy, I have an iPhone 8 Plus so a little heavier than most phones but this holds it doesn’t even wobble when driving,
Just make sure you cup holder isn’t shallow – Amazon Buyer Review

Click here to view TOPGO mount on Amazon

Best Ventilation phone holders for hot weather

iOttie Velox Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount Air Vent Phone Holder

We picked this phone mount because of its multiple functions. It has a magnetic holder, a wireless charger and can cramp onto the ventilation cup.

The only downside with this phone mount is that it only works with the MagSafe iPhone series and cases. But if you own this type of phone, this is top of a class phone mount to use in hot weather.

The mount holds onto the vent steadily and won’t block the ventilation. It will charge your phone on the go as well; up to 7.5W of wireless charge.

Mounting is magnetic meaning no adhesives or suction that come off under extremely hot temperatures.

The magnet is super strong as well to do the job of docking the phone on the dashboard perfectly.

The ball joint affords you a full 360 Degree rotation to give you a different view angle all the time.

Click this link to view it on Amazon.

Air Vent Phone Holder for Car,Miracase Vehicle Cell Phone Mount Cradle

When the weather hits high degrees, the phone mounts on the windscreen or dashboard most like will come off.

A ventilation phone holder is an ideal alternative.

This particular phone mount will cramp strongly on a single blade on your ventilation cup. It has a soft landing for your phone coupled with soft padding on the ears that actually hold your phone.

The material making up this phone mount is super solid to give your smartphone a sturdy grip. A ball joint, just like other mounts above gives you a cool 360 Degrees twist.

A quick-release button enables you to grab your phone when you want to dash out of your car in a hurry.

Click this link to view it on Amazon

Humixx Phone Mount for Car Vent Clip [Military-Grade Stability & Anti-Drop] Car Phone Holder Mount 

This phone mount is similar to the one above but one thing set it apart. It has two leaves at the cramp section that are meant to stabilize the mount on the blades. Once the prong(0.98 inches long) holds onto one blade the leaves that are on both sides of prong seat on the blades that are now on either side of the prong. This gives the phone mount unmatched stability.

The ball joint gives you a 360 Degrees rotation. Installation and undocking is a simple push or pulls of the mount.

This particular phone mount however will not work with round ventilation, unfortunately!

You can check out this mount on Amazon by clicking here.

 If you want the best car mount for use in hot climate,you really have to stay away from phone mounts that stick on to your dashboard or windscreen.Our suggestion of the car mounts for hot weather above work all the time be it in cold or hot weather. 

15 Best Car phone mount with popsocket

People who like having their phone with a popsocket have a difficult time finding an appropriate

Phone mount that can accommodate the popsocket behind their phone.

Relax, today we are going to show you suitable phone mounts that will house your phone’s popsocket.

We have researched, tested, and evaluated the best car phone mount with popsocket for you.

These kinds of mounts are simple, cheap, easy to install and use compared to other huge phone mounts for cars.

Car phone mount with popsocket

15 car phone mount with popsocket

BESTRIX Pop Grip Car Phone Holder|Universal Air Vent Socket Mount Stand-Double Silicone

This is our top pick for a car phone mount with popsocket. Not only does it have an exquisite design but also does holding job absolutely well.

People driving posh vehicles such as BMW or Jeeps will find this pop socket phone mount a decent addition to the dashboard. It is a dazzling accessory seating on your dash that snuggly fits onto your car’s ventilation cups most of us want a flexible phone mount that allows us to spin the phone to either a landscape or portrait position depending on our needs at any particular time.

This pop socket phone mount from BESTRIX comes with a rotatable head to serve just that. Once you are in a portrait position, the phone mount locks in, and vice versa.

This phone mount also offers a solid rock grip onto your phone’s pop socket to eliminate any chances of the phone coming off and falling to the floor when driving. BESTRIX has ensured that the mount maintains the safety of your phone all the time.

What about installation?

The designer of this phone mount has put stability into consideration when putting together this phone mount.

It comes with two pretty solid prongs that go into your ventilation cup’s blinds(blades). It is easy to install. A simple push onto one of the blades and the prongs clip onto the blade.

Removing the phone mount is similarly simple, softly pull the holder, and in less than 2 seconds it comes off.

Since it is a pop socket phone mount holder, it can work with almost any variation of iPhone or Android phones. Just buy a pop socket that will snuggly fit onto this phone mount pop socket.

Once properly installed, you will not have to worry about bumpy roads or rough terrain. The phone mount anchors solidly and deters any bouncy movement from affecting your phone. The only thing you will have to do is to ensure that your car’s ventilation leaf is strong.

Interacting with your phone has never been easy as with a car phone mount with popsocket

Picking your phone and reinserting it onto this phone mount is super easy and straightforward as well with this phone mount.

When no phone is on this phone mount, it is indistinguishable as it is small in size, therefore it does not bring destruction to your dashboard.

Want this mount, click here to view it on Amazon.

You may also be interested in: Ventilation cup phone mounts

PopSockets PopMount: Car Dash and Windshield Mount – White

For those of us who like our phone a level slightly above our eye, A windscreen phone mount is an ideal solution.

This particular phone mount attaches to your windscreen using a strong adhesive coupled with a suction mechanism for utmost attachment on any surface. It can also be installed on the dashboard; it all depends on your preference.

The beauty about this phone mount with pop socket is its ability for the mount to hinge offering you a variety of positions so you can settle for an angle appropriate for phone usage.

It has a level construction that facilitates contraction and expansion to either reduce its size or extend it for easier reach and interaction with your phone from the windscreen.

Comes in two colors, white and black, I like the black color as white color tends to look bad with time due to dirt. Cleaning a white

Plastic material and attaining its original look and feel is no easy job.

The manufacturer of this car phone mount with popsocket wants you to also charge your phone

On the go, but we know that cables can be a nuisance especially when trying to charge a phone mounted n the windscreen.

This phone mount however comes with a cable management feature at its base meant to control the cable and reduce

 the destruction from the view of the road ahead.

The amazing thing about this phone mount is that its construction allows you to use it in other locations such as the office or even in your bathroom.

Click here to view it on Amazon

VOLPORT Car Mounts for Pops Phone Collapsible Grip

For those who desire something small but functional at the same time, this is the best car phone mount with popsocket for your need.

It is one of the cheapest car phone mounts with popsocket we found to do the holding job adequately.

Installation is easy, it seats on your dashboard, you only have to find an appropriate position to install it because it is a one-time affair.

However, do not worry, it comes as a 3 pack, meaning, you can always have a replacement if things go wrong.

So, how do you install it?

Peel off the sticker film behind the mount, but before you attach it onto the dash of your car, make sure it is clean. You can use alcohol for the best results.

A vertical surface on your dash would be an ideal position to base your phone holder.

This phone holder for phones with popsocket is different from other phone mounts in the sense that it is not made from plastic like all other

Phone mounts you are used to. This one is made from silicone. The downside of plastic mounts is that they break at some point due to overuse. This one however is

Not made from plastic. Silicone lasts long, it can also expand to give room for larger popsockets from other phones you may own.

Silicone is known to be super strong meaning, it can carry even heavier items such as an iPad not to mention that it will serve you for a very long time

This one however requires that you only use a collapsed popsocket for it to cling on the mount properly.

Once installed, it seats indistinguishable, therefore your dashboard remains decluttered.

Feel free to use it on other surfaces like in the office in your kitchen or even in your bathroom.

Many people wonder whether this kind of mount will allow the two phone orientations, Landscape or portrait. The answer is an absolute yes.

But you should use the collapsed popsocket for it to serve you better.

Click here to view it on Amazon.

PopSockets: Mount for all PopSockets Grips

We love this one because of its multi-use.

Not only can you use it in your car, but you could also use it in your kitchen to hold your phone while you check the recipes, in your bathroom

On your mirror as you apply makeup or in your home gym to follow your online instructor.

In your car, you should install it on the vertical part of the dashboard. This makes it easy for you to reach out to your phone whenever you

Need to use it.

This one only needs a small amount of adhesive applied to stick it onto your destined surface.

Click here to view it on Amazon

Socket Car Mount for Phone Holder Silicone Grip Stand with Phone line Clasp for Collapsible Socket 

We like how this popsocket holder seats indistinct on the car’s dashboard when not in use, it leaves your dashboard decluttered. It blends well with most dashboards. It is small, cheap, easy to install, and functional.

It comes with a charging cable management feature to make sure that everything is organized and destruction-free when driving.

For better results while using this popsocket mount, please use a collapsible popsocket.

Do not worry about landscape orientation as this phone mount allows rotation of your phone to any angle you deem fit for phone use.

Though some customers said that it came off after a few hours of installation this is a solid phone mount. You have to be keen on installation, especially cleaning the surface before attaching it, and also do a good job of applying the adhesive to the surface.

Click Here to View it on Amazon

Suction Cup Phone Holder for Socket Users, pop-tech

You will fall in love with the Flexibility of this phone mount. It can swing up and down. Horizontal movements are also possible with this mount.

With these multiple motions, you can never miss a perfect angle at which to use your phone.

It comes with a tightening knob to let you lock into a position you have chosen.

This one anchors strongly onto your dash, it uses both adhesive and suction mechanisms for this. It guarantees a sturdy phone mounting

And a safe phone grip from the popsocket holder.

We would like to also point out the adjustable ball joint, it lets you swivel your smartphone a full 360 degrees. We should also add that

It is possible to have a horizontal and vertical orientation with this car phone mount with popsocket.

A number of users have said that the popsocket holder doesn’t grip the popsocket tightly enough to prevent phone movements when using it.

We suggest you find bigger popsockests if this happens to be the case for you.

Click here to view this item on Amazon

Car Socket Mount for Cellphone Car Phone Pop Holder Stand for Collapsible Grip/Mount with Sticky Adhesive

This one has a solid build to ensure that it secures your popsocket in.

Comes with a strong sticky double-sided adhesive to guarantee a sturdy phone mount point.

If not in use, it stays under the radar, your dashboard remains clean with zero destruction from otherwise huge phone mounts.

Click here to view price

Alquar 4 Pack Phone Universal Silicon Car Mount,Coolest Collapsible Grip Stand

We like this one because it can work with popsockets with large bases.

It is also strong enough to hold heavier phones. It works with all iPhone series.

Checkout iPhone phone mounts by clicking here

Socket Car Mount for Phone Holder Cute Bear Style Silicone Grip Stand

This is another quality build made out of silicone. If you are thinking of purchasing something durable, then silicone-made popsocket ticks all the points.

With a polar bear face cut out, this mount looks appealing and exquisite addition to your dashboard.

It firmly holds onto your popsocket and secures it the whole journey.

It goes unnoticed when not in use, it easily meshes with your dashboard especially if it is of dark color.

Installation is super easy; silicone gel is applied before sticking it to your dashboard. Do not forget to first clean the dashboard before affixing it.

These kinds of car phone mounts with popsocket are best for mounting iPhones. They support all iPhone series as they are built to handle all iPhone weights.

It also works fine with an otter box case with popsocket.

Some users found it hard to slip in the popsocket on the mount. The lip is made, however, is made so in order to firmly hold onto your popsocket.

Click here to view the product on Amazon

LEWOTE Universal Car Phone Mount[Dashboard/ Windshield/Air Vent Cell Phone Holder 3in1]

This particular phone mount comes with 3 options for anchoring the popsocket mount.

This gives you opportunity to choose what type of mounting is most comfortable for you.

You have a gooseneck mount, action cup mount, and ventilation cup mount.

The popsocket holder is just an attachment to each of the anchors above.

We however like the gooseneck one as it offers you more flexibility when it comes to using your phone.

It also has a ball joint to allow the user to configure the best comfortable angle of view. We would like to mention that this feature allows a full 360

Degree swing. The multi-angle neck is made strong in order to deter any trembling coming from the car.

The gooseneck uses a suction mechanism to dock onto the surface. If properly installed, this kind of attachment holds on to the surface firm and solid.

At a cheap price, you get all the three mounting options as a package, at no extra cost.

This is actually our best car phone mount with popsocket, all mounts are made from ABS material.

ABS plastic has got long life span indicating that it will take you a while before purchasing another phone mount.

The final thing, you can always swap out the popsocket with a new one if the current one no longer works.

Click Here to View it on Amazon

VICSEED Car Phone Holder Mount, [Fit for Socket Grip & Universal] Air Vent Car Phone Mount

Are you worried that your popsocket will come off when you slot it into a posocket holder and therefore damaging your phone?

Well, the VICSEED car mount is a solution to your concerns. With this phone mount, you no longer

Have to insert your popsocket anywhere, the design of this phone mount is such that it leaves enough room between the phone and the holder to accommodate the popsocket.

There are handles to either side of the mount meant to hold your phone. The handles have got a soft cushion

On the surface to prevent scratches and deter trembling from coming from your car. The grip from these handles is super strong as well

To keep your phone safely locked all the time.

Installation of this phone mount is uncomplicated, no tools are required. It slips into your car’s ventilation Cup’s blades and stays firmly held in there.

You can access a variety of angle positions as well using this phone mount installed adjustable ball joint.

Check out our best vent phone mount here.

KSACLE Car Phone Mount, Phone Holder, Universal Phone Holder for Car

This mount can be anchored on your windscreen or your dash surface.

The standing out feature is its ability to retract for easier reach of your phone. Vertical movements are possible too with this car phone mount with popsocket.

It has got a ball joint too for swiveling around to locate a perfect angle position.

The mount boasts solid construction to guarantee the customer a long lifespan and safe usage.

The suction mechanism offers a strong docking capability to warrant a firm hold on to the surface.

Most people fail at the installation of car mounts with popsockets. It is important to follow the

Installation instructions to the letter in order for everything to stick and firmly so. Or you could try these other alternatives below.

How to make the suction cup stick to the dashboard

Most of us find it frustrating that our phone holder will not stick to our dashboard no matter the effort we put in.

Most dashboard phone holders use a suction mechanism to dock onto the dashboard.

How to make the suction cup stick to the dashboard
Dashboard phone mount with suction cup

So, how do I get my phone holder to stick to my dashboard?

Here are 6 things you should do to make your phone holder stick.

  1. Find a flat surface on your dashboard why you will install the mount.
  2. Clean it with soapy water then do a final cleaning with alcohol
  3. Remove the back sticker on your phone holder base
  4. Press it on the identified and cleaned surface.
  5. Give it ample time for it to stick before attaching your phone.
  6. Gently mount your phone and start driving

How does the suction mechanism work and how is it used to stick objects to the dashboard?

First, it is paramount to understand how suction mechanisms work for us to properly do the task of attaching our phone mounts onto the dashboard surface.

According to Sciencing, a rubber cup is used in order for the suction mechanism to be effective. The surface onto which the cup is to be attached must be completely flat and impermeable. No air should sip into the cup.

How the suction effect is realized is by pushing down the rubber cup. Once force is applied onto the concave cup, the air is pushed out of the cup leaving a vacuum behind. As we know, atmospheric pressure tries to equalize itself, the air outside the cup will press against the cup, and since it can’t get it, it ends up forcing the cup against the surface. This makes the suction cup stick to the surface.

Many manufacturers take advantage of this suction effect to create items intended to stick onto the surfaces such as our dashboard phone holders.

How to make the suction cup stick to the dashboard.

  1. Find a flat, non-porous surface on your dashboard why you will install the mount .

First, we must mention here that suction cup phone holders will not attach to rough textured dashboards or porous surfaces. If your car’s dashboard is of this kind, you should go for other alternatives such as cup holder phone holders or ventilation cup phone holders.

Curved surfaces or rough ones create chances for air to sip back to the suction cup as we have already seen above, suction is only possible when air does not sip back, otherwise, if it does, atmospheric pressure will not do its job.

This is where most people fail and start complaining that the suction cup won’t stick.

However, if you can’t find a flat smooth surface, you could opt to use auto adhesive to complement the suction mechanism.

Though, we would not highly recommend adhesives as they leave permanent marks on your dashboard should you decide one day to do away with the phone holder.

Also, do not choose a position too close to the steering wheel, this may destruct you when driving. A sweet spot between the driver and passenger seat will do the trick.

If you do not have a flat section on your dash, you can try car phone mounts with popsockets instead.

  • Clean it with soapy water then do a final cleaning with alcohol

Dust particles are known to create gaps between the surface and the flappy part of the suction cup. These gaps slowly let the air back into the dash phone holder suction cup rendering the suction effect useless.

That is why some customers say that the phone holder came off after a day. Installation of a Suction cup phone holder is a delicate affair and therefore, you should take keen on observing every step of the installation process.

To remove chances of particles finding their way between the surface and the cup, doing a thorough job in terms of cleaning the surface is vital.

Do not scrub the surface as this will create a rough surface which we do not want, instead, use a soft cloth to wipe out all dust particles. Use soapy water to remove stubborn dirt. Ensure that the windows panes are pushed all the way up to deter dust from outside from getting in.

Wait for the dashboard to dry.

The final touch is using alcohol to further clean and polish the dashboard and eliminate any remaining dirt.

  • Remove the back sticker on your phone holder base.

The suction cup comes with a sticker that you should smoothly remove. It has a thin layer of adhesive, so avoid touching the surface of the cup.

  • Press it on the identified and cleaned surface

Bing the suction cup close to the identified section of the dashboard and gently push the phone holder down onto the cleaned surface.

Continuously press the suction cup for a minimum of 30 Seconds. This long press guarantees that all air in the cup is pushed out and that the thin adhesive stick at the contact points.

  • Give it ample time for it to stick before attaching your phone.

Release the phone mount and leave the phone holder to settle.

We recommend that you leave it for a day (24 hours) before mounting the phone on it.

This will allow the phone holder to firmly anchor onto the surface. Any usage of the phone mount earlier may distort things and you may end up redoing the installation process again

  • Gently mount your phone and start driving

Once everything is steady and solid, you can now plug your phone on the mount and start using it.

So,there you go,those are the distinct steps on how to make the suction cup stick to the dashboard

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Phone Mounts For Jeeps

There are a number of probable positions you could anchor phone mount in your jeep.

These include mounting it on a ventilation cup, dashboard surface, in your cup holder, or on your jeep’s windscreen.

In this post, we are going to list the best phone mounts for Jeeps that are ideal to really serve the purpose of holding your smartphone on the go.

Whether you own a Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Compass, Jeep Gladiator, or a Jeep Renegade, the phone mounts for Jeeps below will satisfy your phone holding needs.

phone mounts for jeep

6 Best phone mounts for Jeeps

Meekiee Wireless Car Charger Mount with Infrared Smart Sensor 

This is a cool find for jeep wrangler drivers. It is an appealing phone mount seating on your dashboard.

It easily clamps onto your dashboard vents using the strong cramp behind this phone mount for the jeep. So, installing and dismounting is super easy. It is just a simple push and pull.

Apart from this, the mount has an auto clamping feature. You do not need to waste time fumbling with buttons. This particular mount auto-detect your phone when it comes close to the mount and opens up ready for your phone. You can click this link to see a video of this feature.

Do not worry about your charge depleting on long journeys. This phone mount for jeep has got wireless charging feature[10W/7.5W/5W charging power] and cable management structure at its feet.

The ABS material used to produce this gadget is rock solid to guarantee a secure phone mounting as well as durability.

Horizontal and vertical movement is very much possible.

Interested in this mount? Click this link.

Miracase Car Phone Mount, Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car, Universal Car Phone Holder Cradle Compatible with iPhone 13 series

This is another great phone mount for jeeps. It goes into your jeep’s vent too.

The shape of the base is optimized not to block air from the vents contrary to what basic mounts do.

A ball joint behind the phone mount base is added to give the user a variety of angles for using the phone.

This mount does not auto clamp though. It uses gravitational pull to lock in your phone.

It is an exquisite pick for a phone mount that will mesh well with your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator.It does support all iPhone series and all Android series at all.


Click this link to see its price on Amazon.

Phone Mount for Car, 13 Inch Flexible Gooseneck Long Arm Car Mount [Strong Suction Cup Anti-Shake Stabilizer]

This phone mount is an ideal pick for jeep wrangler users. The nature of the Jeep wrangler particularly requires a mount that has to fix points which this mount has. These fix points solidify the mount onto the dashboard of the jeep.

Since most of the jeeps would be used off-road, the arm is made to withstand any rumbling from the vehicle. Your phone will always be secure.

The phone mount resting surface is smooth to protect your phone from scratches.

You can check its price by clicking here.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone

This phone holder has a retractable arm and tightening knob to make sure that the user has a comfortable position for using the mount.

The foot of this mount can move around, while the arm can pivot up and down.

It supports multiple phone sizes and all iPhone series.

iOttie promises a great phone grip of your phone even on the roughest terrain.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking this link.

CORROY Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, Universal Adjustable Cell Phone Cradle for Automobile Cup Holder

Cupholder phone holders are among the best phone mounts for jeeps. This is because they seat stably in the cupholder.

This particular holder has got pads that retract to push tightly onto your cupholder’s surface to maintain a stable stay.

The arm pivots at this mount foot and a ball joint makes the holder swivel to different angles. All these movements provide the user an opportunity to locate a perfect angle for using the mount.

Silicone cushioning protects your phone from possible scratches as well. Click here to view the mount on Amazon.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder for Car

This mount functions similarly to the holder we have just seen above. The only difference is the gooseneck. The neck makes motions even easier compared to the holder above this.

You can click this link to view this mount more specifics on Amazon.

What are some of the concerns when purchasing a phone mount for jeep


Most Jeep owners want to ride their motors off-road. The rumbling on rough terrain will make your phone mount wobble or bouncy and may render it releasing your phone.

It is advisable to gauge the strength of the phone mount for the jeep you are about to own.

For example, those mounts that go on top of your dashboard surface need to have a strong adhesive to ensure that it sticks.

Ventilation cup phone mount should also clip into your vents blinds firmly to withstand any rumbling.

Cupholder phone holders are the strongest and solid enough. The sturdiness of the cupholder phone holder is incomparable to any other phone mounts out there. You can read this post to learn more about phone holders that seat in your Jeep’s cup holder.


ABS material makes solid products that will last long. Phone mounts are no exception. Choose the phone mount that has an ABS material construction. This kind of material is durable and will serve your jeep for some time before you think of returning to the shops for a new phone holder.


You would want a holding device that caters to your holding demands. You would want something that can swivel, swing and rotate so that you can get a good position for phone usability.

Most phone mounts have a ball joint that allows you to move your phone into different positions so that you can get a good angle for viewing your phone.

Some have gooseneck that gives you the ability to swing your phone in whatever direction that you deem fit till you get the right position for using your phone.

Flexibility is the key thing when it comes to picking the right phone mount for your Jeep. A flexible phone mount would help you safely use your phone while driving your Jeep at any speed.

Strong Grip

A phone mount with a strong grip guarantees the safety of your phone when off-roading.

Choose a phone mount with strong locks and sturdy cramps.This ensures that the phone mount consistently cling onto your phone to keep it in place all the time.

10 best magnetic iPhone car mount

Magnetic phone mounts are the best options for holding iPhones in cars. In this post, we are going to evaluate the best magnetic iPhone car mount that works.

Do magnetic phone mounts work?


The pieces of magnets incorporated in the magnetic phone car mount are super strong and durable as well. Once you place your phone on the mount, it won’t come off even on the roughest terrain. The phone mounts are rigorously tested during the design and manufacture process to ensure that the mount holds on to your phone no matter the condition of the road you are traveling on.

best magnetic iphone car mount

Our list best magnetic iPhone car mount

Magnetic Car Phone Holder For Phones Universal Car Air Vent Holder For iPhone

This one has a wide surface to accommodate even the widest screens. The magnets are powerful to firmly hold onto your phone even on the roughest roads.

It is rotatable as well to give you options of using your phone on either landscape or portrait mode.

It will firmly lock onto your car’s ventilation cup. It has two ear-like plates to prevent the mount from wiggling because sometimes the blades in your car’s ventilation may be weak.

This phone mount however does not work with round ventilation cups.

Magnetic 360 Rotating Car Phone Holder Air Vent Clip Mount Stand 

Looking for a simple phone magnetic mount and yet functional?

This is a perfect fit for you.

It leaves your dashboard clean and decluttered. The magnets also are up to the task. Through the phone mount, the magnets are super powerful.

It comes in a variety of colors, you will not miss an iPhone mount for your car whose color blends with the car’s exterior.

Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Portable Car Air Vent Holder


This is one of the best magnetic iPhone car mounts that attach to your dashboard.

It comes with a ball joint to facilitate a 360 degrees movement.

The bar is strong too and moves easily up and down. Once you find a perfect angle use the knob at the bottom of the mount to tighten it.

Magnetic Car phone Holder Stand For xiaomi redmi note 5a mi note 8 360 Metal Air vent Magnetic Holder in Car GPS Mount Holder

Our customers like this phone mount because it is easy to install and use. A simple push to the vents and you are done.

The magnet does what it promises you.

No worries about the phone falling to the ground. The cramp onto the vents is solid rock as well.

Magnetic Suction Cup Car Phone Holder For IPhone Android Phone Holder Windshield Dashboard with Adjustable Slide 

The iPhone mount affords you multiple motion directions. You can move it across as well as horizontal. The magnets can slide vertically. All these motions are meant to give you possibilities of any angle of you feel comfortable using your phone.

The material making p this product is solid to make the mount sturdy.

Installation is super easy. You can check this post here to see how to effectively install it.

LESHP,Easy to Operate Dashboard Mount and Windshield Magnetic Universal Car Phone Mount

This phone mount is not only an adorable and dazzling phone mount for iPhones but it has strong magnets and sturdy construction making it a functional piece.

It is the best magnetic iPhone car mount loved by a lot of customers .

It uses a suction mechanism to attach to surfaces. This gives it a solid rock hold onto the dash or windscreen. This also warrants a secure iPhone mount.

Easy and flexible phone movements are guaranteed by the ball joint.

It is a one-hand operated phone mount which is a road safety-conscious design.

Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder Magnet Holder Stand For Phone in Car dashboard Smartphone Holder

Looks like a shield!

This mini-sized magnetic phone mount will shield your phone from any bouncy movement maintaining it securely in place all the time.

It has a ball joint that allows you to rotate your phone a full 360 Degrees. This way, you can always find a perfect angle for using your phone as you drive.

QI Standard Magnetic Car Phone Wireless Charger Dashboard mount

Want an iphone car mount that has got wireless charging function as well as magnetic mount capability?

This is the right pick for you.

It has 5V 2A, 9V 1.67A charging capability. Place your iPhone on this mount and it immediately starts juicing up with power.

The surface area(8*6*7cm) is wide enough to accommodate a variety of iPhones.If you choose to upgrade your iPhone to the newest version, you will not need to change your car’s phone mount.

The magnets are up to the task. You do not need to worry about your iPhone ever falling off. The four contact points have got super strong magnet to firmly attract your iPhone onto the magnetic phone mount.

Finally, the ABS construction means that the gadget will serve you for a long, this is because ABS material is very durable.

Car Phone Holder Magnetic Universal Magnet Phone Mount For IPhone X Xs Max

This one comes in twos; you are handed two options of mounting your phone when you purchase this mount. One can go onto the surface while the other can fit onto the car’s ventilation. This is the best magnetic iPhone car mount for those who like small-sized mounts.

If you like it when your dashboard is decluttered and clean, then these magnetic phone mounts are what you need.

These mini-sized magnetic phone mounts have a diameter the size of a pop socket. They will take minimal space on your dashboard. When not in use, they are barely visible.

Talking of convenience, these phone mounts come with a ball joint installed to facilitate a 360 Degrees rotation.

Installation is straightforward as well; It is just a simple push of the vent mount onto the vents or attaching the dashboard mount using the sticker.

Car Phone Holder For Phone In Car Mobile Support Magnetic Phone Mount Stand For Tablets 

This one is great as it is very simple to install. It involves a simple push to the handles and the levers open. The mount then “bites” onto one of the blades in your car’s ventilation. The grip is super strong to deter any vibration from making it come off the blade.

The magnet on this holder is strong too. The holder comes with metal sheets to insert into your phone case or behind your phone’s battery cover.

The surface of this magnetic iPhone car mount is wide enough to accommodate all series of iPhones including the latest one in the market.

Where to mount a phone holder on the windscreen

The best position to anchor your phone mount on your car should be at the furthest corner of your screen. It should be slightly above your wheel. Also, ensure that it doesn’t obscure the visibility of the road ahead.

Additionally, make sure that the phone mount has stuck to the screen properly before beginning the journey. This will eliminate the chances of it coming off when driving.

It is not advisable to put your phone at the center of the screen. This destructs you from concentrating on the road. It is also difficult to interact with your phone in this position.

Many countries do not allow windscreen phone mounts, It is good to first check with your country’s traffic regulations before affixing it to the screen.

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How to mount a phone holder in your car’s vents

Ventilation phone mounts clip in onto the vents blinds easily.

You mount a phone holder by gently pushing it on one of the vents’ blinds until you hear a clicking sound. This means that the phone mount has properly and firmly held onto the blinds.

Clip it on the vent cup that is closest to you.

But first, you must have bought a vent cup, phone mount.

Check out our ventilation cup phone mounts below.

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Can you use a bicycle phone mount on the motorcycle

Most phone mounts for bicycles can adapt to the motorcycle handlebar.

Motorcycle handlebars are slightly wider in diameter compared to the ones on bicycles.

Bicycle HandleBar
Bicycle Handlebar

However, manufacturers understand that the need for phone mounting cut across cyclists and motorcycle riders and that most of them own both forms of travel. They know too well that there is no need for having separate phone mounts for each mode of transport.

Motorcycle Handlebar
Motorcycle Handlebar

Phone mounts anchors nowadays are designed to fit a varying length of handlebars diameters. The mount’s handlebar anchor has a lever that makes it easy for it to adapt to most handlebars, be it a bicycle or a motorcycle.

You can click “read more ” on the mount below to see its specifications.

Where to mount your phone holder on your motor cycle.

We recommend you dock your phone mount at the following locations.

  • On your motorcycle’s HandleBar
  • On your motorcycle’s side mirror-Make sure not to obstruct the view of your mirrors.

How to secure your phone on the motor cycle.

Most Motorcycle phone mounts come with solid locking mechanisms. Such include, quad locking, zipping, lock button/knob, and so on. Ensure that you push the right button to secure your phone in place. Read the manual that comes with the phone mount for directions on how to use it on your motorcycle.

Do you need waterproof Motorcycle phone mounts?

Click this link to find out the best waterproof phone mount options.

Recommended MotorCycle mounts in our store.

Where to mount the phone in ford fiesta

The Ford Fiesta car has an arguably small windscreen and therefore, placing anything on the top of the dashboard or on the windscreen itself will obscure the visibility of the road ahead. Therefore, these are not safe positions to mount your smartphone holder.

Below are two plausible positions you could mount your car phone holder on a ford fiesta. You can read further down to learn how to install the phone mount on these locations.

Ford Fiesta
  • You can mount the phone holder on the vents
  • You can mount the phone holder on the ford fiesta cup holder.
How to mount the phone holder on Ford Fiesta Vents.
vent phone mount
Phone mount anchored on a ventillation cup

Choose the vent cup you want to mount your smartphone holder on. We are hoping that you have already purchased the best car vent phone holder.

Then softly push in the phone mount connector to the vent cup blinds until you hear a clicking sound. If you hear the sound, it implies that the phone holder has clipped onto the vent.

You can then go ahead and mount your phone onto the holder.

How to mount the phone holder on your Ford Fiesta cup holder phone holder.

If you have already purchased the Cup holder phone holder, then you can go ahead and affix it into your Fiesta’s cup holder.

Installing is uncomplicated, the cup holder phone holder comes with four strong contact points that perch onto the interior of your car cup holder. They give the phone mount base a steady stay in your car’s cup holder.

To lock this kind of phone mount into your car’s cup holder, you simply do a simple twist on the holder’s base which then automatically activates the lock.

Once the lock is active, you are guaranteed a steady phone mount for the journey.

You can check our cup holder phone mounts below.

Where to mount the phone in jeep wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Dashboard

The top part of your Jeep wrangler has limited space for mounting your smartphone.

However, this is not to say that you can no longer use your phone conveniently in your newly acquired jeep wrangler.

Here are two possible locations you could mount your smartphone on your jeep wrangler. Read further to see how to connect your mount to your Jeep.

  • Mount it on your Jeep Wrangler Vents.
  • Mount it on your Jeep Wrangler cup holder.
Ventilation cup mounting

Since the jeep wrangler windscreen is not large in size, using a windscreen mount will obstruct the view of the road ahead, therefore, the only option is to mount it on the ventilation cup.

The vents for the Jeep Wrangler are located at a convenient position easily accessible to you. You can easily use your phone even with a single hand if the phone holder is connected to your vents.

Ventilation cup phone mounts are easy to install. You do not require any tools to install. Mounting them on the vents is as simple as ABC. You just push in the phone mount connector onto your vent and it automatically clips in.

However, do not force it in or you may end up breaking the ventilation cup blinds. A gentle push will do the trick.

Most ventilation cups use gravitational pull to lock in the smartphone every time you slot your phone onto the phone holder.

You can click this link to learn more about how vent cup phone mounts work.

Cup holder phone holder.

Cup holders are great locations where you can mount your phone holder in your Jeep Wrangler.

They provide a sturdy grip to your phone mount to deter any trembling from your vehicle and in the end eliminate any bouncy movement of the mount.

Once you mount your phone, it seats snugly and you get to enjoy uninterrupted interaction with your smartphone.

Cup holder phone mounts base come with solid contacts that launch onto your cup holder interior. You just make a simple twist to your phone mount base to activate the lock. Once the lock is in place, the mount stays in place unless you choose to manually remove it.

You can click this link to learn more about Cup holder phone holders

Click this link to learn more about Jeep phone holders.

Where to mount phone in mini cooper

The mini cooper dashboard is usually small and we understand that you may be confused about where to mount your phone mount.

We recommend you mount your phone on the cupholder.

The cup holder is a little bit lower than your dashboard and therefore, attaching your phone mount will remove destruction on your dashboard.

Furthermore, a cup holder phone holder is much more sturdy than any other phone mount.

You can click this link to view our cup holder phone holder category.

Alternatively, you can choose to mount your phone holder on your mini cooper ventilation cup.

However, choose a ventilation phone mount that is not huge. A simple phone holder which is easy to use would be the best device to use in your mini cooper so that you have a clear view of the road ahead devoid of destruction.

You can click this link to view the best car ventilation phone holders