The Best Auto Clamping wireless car charger

Here is our best auto clamping wireless car charger

Want to focus on the road and still glance at your phone with ease?

Our Automatic clamping wireless charging dash phone holder is what your car needs.

Enjoy seamless driving and not miss a single call or text even if you’re driving off-road.

best auto clamping wireless car chargerWhy do you need this product?

The auto clamping wireless car charger has Qi charging enabled

Don’t you hate it when arriving at your destination with a dead phone battery?

Well, you needn’t worry about that anymore because this best Auto Clamping wireless car charger comes equipped with wireless charging.

First off, wired charging is outdated.

If you have a Qi-enabled phone, you can easily clamp it into the mount and your device will receive the much-needed boost as you drive.

best auto clamping wireless car charger


The auto clamping wireless car charger Supports most iPhones versions

This auto clamping wireless charging phone mount is compatible with several iPhone models. iPhone brands Xs, Xs Max, XR 8 plus, and 8 will work with this phone mount’s wireless charging system. Also, they all support 7.5W power uptake for fast charging. Even if you’re doing a quick grocer run, you’ll still get a decent power boost.

dash phone holder


Supports other types of phones too

Besides Apple products, you don’t need to look elsewhere for a holder for your latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Note 8.

The various S-iterations, 10, 9 plus, 9, 8 plus, 8, 7 edges,s, and S 6 edge, are similarly compatible and even support 10W fast charging capability.dashboard phone holder



Doesn’t get in the way of your driving

Losing your focus while driving could prove disastrous that’s why phone holders are an indispensable accessory to have in your car. This phone holder goes over your car’s air vents just below the windscreen. It won’t block your view of the road so you can keep your eyes trained forward.

The holder also sits at an ideal angle that allows you quick glances in case of text messages or calls. You can comfortably receive phone calls and still keep your eyes on the road if you’re using this phone holder.

dashboard phone holderPerfect for rough outdoor driving

Very few phone mounts can withstand the rough outdoor terrain. Once you clamp it in, get ready to repeatedly pick your device from the car floor.

This particular holder beats them all.

It has an automatic clamping mechanism meaning you don’t have to fiddle with the holder when setting your phone. Also, these clamps are robust enough to hold on to your handset even if you’re driving off the beaten path.


How does this holder Compare to a cup holder phone holder or windshield phone mounts?

Works better than other types of phone mounts

Not every phone holder is made equal.

While there is little fussing when installing windscreen phone mounts, they are mostly barebones accessories.

You’ll be hard-pressed to get one with charging capability let alone wireless charging. If you have a big device, it might obstruct, to an extent, your view of the road when using a windscreen phone mount.

Your cup holder phone holder will be situated below the vents and sticking your phone that low will have you struggling to view incoming calls and messages.

This holder however attaches to your dashboard vents.

The A/C vent openings are almost level with your eyes and it’s quite effortless to view your device from this angle.

dashboard phone holder


Value for money

It is a  fully automatic phone mount

Forget about charging cables, this mount comes with an excellent inbuilt wireless charging system.

The clamping mechanism is fully automatic and once you’ve placed the phone in place, the brackets seal shut.

What’s more, there are no buttons to fiddle about with, simply slide in your handset and drive away.

Moreover, the charging pad connects to your car’s cigarette lighter. Once the USB type-C is attached, the pad will be actively filling up your device.

The mount also protects your smartphone against overcharging and overheating while keeping the current flow at par with your phone’s specifications.

Check out the video below to see it in action

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How do I install the mount?

It is simple to set up, and an easy to use phone holder

The phone mount is easy to use and involves quite a few steps when setting up.

Once out of the box, affix the phone mount into your car’s air vents and secure it in place. Once in the openings, this mount won’t come off even when traveling on rougher roads.

The clamps are another highlight since they operate independently of your input. They’ll open up so that you can slide in your device after which they secure it tightly.

Also, there’s a nifty button at the back that you gently touch for the clamps to release your device. Everything works so seamlessly.

Moreover, the holder has a ball joint at the back. It enables you to change the phone’s viewing angles as you drive. And it’s as easy as moving the entire phone mount element about to find the best angle to view from.

It is a Stylish mount for a fashionable car and driver

There’s no hiding the fact of how remarkable this wireless charging phone holder is built. The gadget’s side clamps gently curve around your handset once secured. Also, very little of the holder’s body is seen after setting your phone. Unlike other windscreen holders, the wireless charging piece is discreet and doesn’t rouse attention.

For cars with sweeping interiors, this holder blends perfectly against such a dashboard. Its elegant curves blend seamlessly with the vehicle’s soft lines running across the air vents to the passenger’s glove compartment.

There are plenty of colors to choose from. Silver is pretty neutral but there are golden-colored mounts if you’re feeling a bit more dramatic.

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This dash phone holder charges incredibly quickly and affixing it to my car vents is a straightforward affair. I got the golden-colored piece and love how it sits on my wooden accented dashboard

Cate McLaughlin


Everything works as indicated. I love how the swivel ball allows me to change my viewing angles with ease.

Jake Dennison


Delivery was lightning fast .I was impressed with how fast it charged my iPhone 10.

William Durham


Works better than my windshield phone mount. Definitely adore the wireless fast charging.

Diego Moreno


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